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Brad Neubert We 45-cut it with half and you need to grab the toekick off the van for when we get in the kitchen and don't forget to grab the board stretcher off the van to take care of a couple end joints and some nail holes that need to be hit before I make it in there fining out.

Matthew Shumway Yeah he's cool, but can he edge??

woodfloorconcepts Shake and bake.

Doug LeClair The 1/0 spinner work is complete. Time to buff.

Butch Cisco That's a nice rack.

Jim Hyde Smells like money!

Jason Vivash Go make me some nice slip tongue. I'm going to get started up the middle and will be going both ways on this one.

floor_artisan I'm bouncing and doing backflips on this floor.

Michael Gwin No skip nailing.

Bill Bagley Burn the inch. Add the PITA tax to the bid.

Lou LiCausi Go spin the lengths with 3 1/2 ahead of me. I'll cut down your marks. And get the left-handed scrapers from the toolbox.

Cairoh Chapman I don't want to see any H's.

mnhuntfish Subfloor is always wet on Fridays.

patriot_hardwood_restoration Adjust the head pressure.

Tim Moneke Be sure to 45 this one as well as Trio, I don't want to see any dishout.

David Merrill You edge, I'll BM.

Allan White Looks good from here!

Randy Golaszewsksi Sr. Get on those corners and start hooking.

mrboards Bring the borders to the field.

northcountryhardwoods Rough and buff.

betodaslayer Damn that's an ugly board.