You get a call from your customer complaining about your employees. What did they do?

Bill Bagley

I had an employee steal $300 from a fantasy football pool out of my client's drawer in his dining room. The client was the lead detective of the county sheriff's department. I drove to my now-former employee's apartment and had his money back 30 minutes later.

Mārsh Williāms

They stole a TV. True story.

Alfredo Graham

He drank all the wine and fell asleep on the La-Z-Boy with a chicken wing in his hand.

Classic Floors

My guy fell asleep in the customer's bed.

Parkers Hardwood Inc./Legacy Renovation

Long story, but we showed up with the homeowner at the employee's apartment to retrieve a stolen wedding ring.


"They were doing the WAP challenge."

Lance Schaller

My customer wanted to know how my T-shirts got in her washing machine.

Josh Lammi

He pissed in the potted plant near the front door.

Jason Duron

Didn't double flush … which is the worst sin.


"We found a beer can with the straw in it in a Big Gulp cup."

Bill Cavey

"They were eating snacks out of our pantry."


They asked for their WiFi password… and the customer's a lawyer.


Customer: "You're not wearing a mask." Employee: "I'm not wearing any underwear either," and winks.


"There's a skunky smell whenever I go near them."

Jim Clarey

Her: Hi, is this the owner of Natural Accent Hardwood Floors? Me: Yes. Her: One of your employees just rolled through a four-way stop. Me: So you were the lady waving "hi" to me.


"They forgot to wear belts again and their butt-cracks are offensively exposed." LOL

Scott Cooksey

They caught the courthouse dumpster on fire with rags. The dumpster was toast in the morning.


"Work is all done and the house is clean but they left early!"

Tim Mikels

"I caught your guy writing 'Jeff hearts Moe' in the dust on my ceiling fan blades."