Gaetano Hardwood Floors

A guy ran the drum sander off the edge of the hallway wood floor and into the bedroom that has carpet. Well, 2 feet of wool carpet got a 40-grit haircut. Instead of telling the customer, the guy decided to cut a 2x2 piece from under the bed and attempt a patch while leaving an open square under the bed.

Brad Moore

A contractor pressure-washed the fireplace INSIDE THE HOUSE. He destroyed 400 feet of white oak and the subfloor but he said, "Hey, I had plastic down and coming a foot up the walls."

John Timothy Mikels

Walked into a job and the contractor was on the floor puking his guts out loud as hell all over the homeowner's shoes (while she was wearing them) all over her tile kitchen floors. We just turned around and left, didn't say a word.

Jeff Munsch

Back when I first started, I watched the "seasoned veteran" turn on his drum sander and drop the drum without holding on. Straight into the wall it went and broke the bathroom sink plumbing in the wall. It was a short day.

Ron Teljeur

Watched a someone fly down to the ground on a sheet of plywood that caught a gust of wind while he was on the roof.


They were using outdoor diesel-powered bazooka heaters inside a home to "dry" plaster. We walked in, turned around and said, "Nope!"

Jared Rawlins

I watched my boss shoot a brad into his rib cage, never to be seen again. We finished the staircase that day.

Treadline Hardwood

A guy decided to do his laundry in the customer's machine while the customer was out. The client was not happy to find a grown man drumming their floor in just boots. He may have still had his socks on—that part of the story we never squared away.

Prowood Floors Supply

My coworker was teasing a monkey in a cage with his tape measure and poking him. The monkey said, "Oh really?" and proceeded to pull the tape measure into the cage, breaking the tape measure. My coworker was standing there with an empty tape measure and a monkey with a tape measure filling up the whole cage.

Jason Petraitis

I worked for a contractor who didn't have his dryer plug or stove plug for his Hummel. Rather than clip to the box with pigtails, one of his guys put nails in the slots of the stove plug and clipped the pigtails to it before turning on the breaker. To this day I'm not sure why he didn't just clip to the panel.

Cottonwood Finishes

I was doing a bid, and two guys were there putting up Christmas lights. It was a high gable peak and the ladder wasn't long enough, so they tipped the ladder onto one leg. The helper was supposed to hold it while the boss man went up to the third rung from the top and reach to grab the gable peak. I asked him if he wanted a longer ladder so he wouldn't die and he was like, nah.

Mauro Morales

I had the door open doing the last pass. Police were chasing a kid, and he ran into the house with five officers behind him. We just called the day off!

Paragon Floors

I watched a guy dump the big machine bag out of a 10-story building window on Market St. in San Francisco onto about 30 people in line for a club. That's just the beginning of the story.