Herringbone floors have been prevalent in the U.K. for decades, but the dimensions of boards used in modern U.K. herringbone installations have become "oversized," says Marc Hardy of Essex-based Santi Wood Floors. While the older herringbone floors Hardy refinishes tend to be 70 by 215 mm (2.7 inches by 8.4 inches), boards in modern herringbone floors can be up to 120 by 600 mm (4.7-inch widths and lengths up to 23.6 inches). Clients tend to think the smaller boards can appear "too busy" on a floor, he says (a point he respectfully disagrees with). Although the look remains elegant, longer boards can be tricky to install correctly in a proper herringbone style, Hardy says: "There is frequently a noticeable bow in the board that will usually require weighing down once installed to ensure a full and proper adhesion to the subfloor."


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