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What’s Something a Helper Should Never Say to the Boss?

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We asked you what an employee should never say to the boss. Here are our favorite responses shared by our readers on the WFB Facebook and Instagram pages:

David Diaz

I spilled a little bit of stain in the driveway.

Do you mind grabbing me some Swisher Sweets or White Owls?

Do you mind if I change this radio station?

Oh my god, that homeowner is hot as hell.

You won't believe what we found under the bed when we were moving the furniture.

Damn, I never thought those rags would ever catch on fire.

Brad Lawson

I forgot to add the hardener.


I'll be in the van on my phone if you need me, you can just text me!


You know how I get a bonus at the end of the year—can I get it early?

Paul Alexander

How come I can't use my phone all day when you get lots of phone calls all day?

Wesley Elliott

I started seeing your daughter a few months ago.

Danny Urioste

"I know." That used to drive me bonkers. "I know, I know." No! You don't know. If you knew I wouldn't have to keep telling you!

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You're making good money.

Nicholas Washburn

I just woke up, still need me?


If I work harder, can I get a raise?

Bob Goldstein

Remember the company van? Well ...

Jaymes Rinker

I think after a few weeks I'll be on your level.

Ron Begg Jr.

Can you bail me out of jail?

Tim Mikels

Why don't you scrape corners?

Cody Thoman

Can I borrow the van to sand a floor for a friend?

James Welchko

I think I'm still drunk.

Jared Rawlins

My edger wasn't cutting right.

Justin Boone

What time are we getting off today?

John W. Saunders

It's your fault for not checking my work.

Glenn Harris

Can you pay me at the end of the day?

Mike Hanning

"Why aren't you doing it?" Because I put my name on the front of your check!

Alfredo Graham

I need to slow down, the job is going too fast.

Chuck Kutchera

Let's do it my way.

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