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Readers Respond: Write a Scary Wood Flooring Story With Five Words

11 1 Readers Respond

For Halloween, WFB asked its followers on Facebook to write a scary wood flooring story using only five words. See their terrifying responses below:

Bill Powell III

Hardwood floors are easy work.

Neal Garcia

My dog urinated on floor.

Genia Smith

Marked problems with sticky notes.

Bob Alberding

Forgot to bring my checkbook.

Andy Castona

Let me pull up Pinterest.

Chuck Kutchera

I’m always cheaper than them.

Jorge Perez

Homeowner didn’t like stain color!

Ryan Michael Campos

Want my red floor white.

Brian Mailand

Dog walked across wet floor.

Paul Massey

Found body under the floor.

Daniel Frederick Reddy

I’d like a free estimate.

Mike Butler

Stop! That is too dark.

Charles Carroll

Taking up water soaked particleboard.

Junior Gutierrez

Eight litter boxes, one room.

Stephen Garza

Tape on every single board!

Wesley Elliott

Your check's in the mail.

Kristopher Lee Butler

I started sanding it myself.

Jim Clarey

We have to work Friday.

Jimmy Elrod

Not the color I picked!

Dean LaPointe

Let's see another stain sample.

Lou Buono Jr.

The designer showed up today.

Anton Djokic

The homeowner is an engineer.

Rob Hayes

Dog ran across the floor!

Robyn Miller

Sanded through to my underlay.

David Diaz

I spilled stain on driveway.

Jeremy Summerford

I'm a social media influencer.

Donnansteve Ray

Please work around my couch!

Wayne Walker

The color isn’t dark enough.

Michael Schuetz

I rented this floor sander.

Brian Mailand

Sander hits the bedroom wall.

David Runyon

They wanted a bamboo floor!

William Burnam

I need to hire employees.

Gene Pelosi

The floor is not straight.

Mike Hanning

The dishwasher sprung a leak.

John Palmer

That’s not the color I chose.

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