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Readers Respond: What Do You Always Try To Talk Wood Floor Customers Out Of?

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WFB asked wood floor pros on Facebook and Instagram what they always try to talk customers out of. See their responses below:


Re-coats on floors you didn’t sand.


After finishing, repairing a board for a small detail can be a trap.


Tearing out/covering a re-sandable hardwood floor.


Wood in the kitchen.






Sanding black cutback off of crappy 100-year-old fir floors.


Dark colors.


Shopping on price alone.


Hiring the other guy.


Filling gaps with wood filler.


Extremely dark colors or high gloss!


White stain. And gray.




Gray, all day.


LVP for sure. Can’t stand that $hit.


Laminate floors or country white stained red oak.

Lars Frohnsdorf

Hiring someone else.

Gillespie Hardwood Floors

Using Murphy’s oil soap to clean their new floors.

Dan Caffo

Scraping risers.

Chris McElroy

High-gloss and black floors.

Bobby Finch

Refinishing risers and stringers, “They look so good white!”

JimBro Kramer

Removing an existing floor because some flooring store said it can’t be refinished.

Clint Fudge

Money. I always talk the customers out of their money.

Ron Teljeur

Covering or removing perfectly good flooring.

Daryn Stead

Going with another tradesman, i.e., a handyman/decorator (not a flooring guy) because they’re cheaper … there’s a reason for that.

Danny Stenhouse

Nothing really; it either be done or it can’t, and if it can be done then we will do it.

Jim Hyde

Staining the floor white.

William Burnam

Having a wood floor installed in a new-build while their home is in the hands of a GC that is absolutely clueless about what conditions are required for a wood floor to be any part of his project.

Gregory Dozorec

Replacing a perfectly good floor with prefinished or LVP. Refinish and do your part to be environmentally responsible.

Wesley Goetz

Walking/living on their floor while we’re working on their floor.

Kent Chavis

Gloss and prefinished floors.

Dave Mitchell Jr.

Going with a laminate floor.

Nicholas C Maxson

I won’t work with cheap wood.

Estill Pence

Bamboo 100% of the time.

Mark Wagner

White pine, staining maple, and laminate.

Lou Buono Jr.

Staining whatever the newest trend is.

Iuke Biello

I don't talk them out of things. I give them the facts and let them make decisions for themselves.

Suzy Weaver

Dark stains.

Keith Elberson

Staining exotic woods!

Chad Reagan


Osiel Betancourt


David Friedland

I try to do the world a favor and talk them out of honey oak.

Chris J. Compton

Stain. Enough fake in the world. Staining is an unnatural color and therefore fake.

Charles Brown

Using underlayment made for floating floors under hardwood, plain stupid.

Jon Weeks Jr.

Looking at Pinterest.

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