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Readers Respond: What’s Something An Employee Has Done That’s Surprised You?

12 6 Readers Respond

WFB asked wood floor pros on Facebook and Instagram to share something an employee has done that’s surprised them. Here’s what they said:

Bill Powell III

My employee made me this for my birthday:

Jim Hyde

Showed up for work the day after the Eagles won the Super Bowl!

Aaron Lee

He made mixed drinks at the homeowners’ basement bar.

Brad Moore

Busted up an entire tile fireplace that we were not supposed to tear up. Also, had two coworkers a long time ago who stayed at the customer’s home while they were out of town for the week.

Billy Cooney

Wore Winklepickers on the timber, STEEL CAPPED!

Dustin Bolin

Edged a whole kids room that we weren’t supposed to do. It was full of toys and furniture, he actually pushed everything to the center of the room. We wound up doing that room for free.

Ricky Ammons

Trying to sand a knot out of a board with the nose of the edger.

Mark Hanes

Left skidders in customers' toilets. I got that awkward phone call the next day.

Kenny Williams

$hit on the floor in the basement of a new construction because it was winter and he didn't want to use the Porta Potty.

Joe Smith

Shown up.

Anton Djokic

Showed up on time.

Glenn Harris

Took a shower.


Finished the job on the weekend without me knowing.


Showed up to work, lol.


Bundled up rags with stain in a bag inside the van.


Tipped a full 16-kg bucket of glue in the storage compartment of my old vehicle. Spent the rest of the work day cleaning tools, materials and, of course, the vehicle.


We split up for lunch. Come back from lunch ready to stain the floor we just water-popped. He’s gone. Never heard from him again. Next day a garnishment order comes. And this is the weird part. After calculating his hours, they were exactly to the minute to the threshold of the garnishment, i.e., he left the minute a single penny would have gone to the garnishment. He was a weird dude.


Mixed 3 gallons of 2K finish when I only wanted him to bring it in the house to warm up for the next day.


Show up on time!


No comment—the trauma is too much.

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