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Readers Respond: If Not Wood Flooring, What Would You Do For A Living?

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WFB asked wood floor pros on Facebook and Instagram what they’d be doing for a living if not wood flooring. Here’s what they said:


Photographer/graphic designer … like I was before wood took over my life.


Either paramedic or pizza maker. Still not sure if I made the right career choice…


Day trading.


Probably be dead from trying to play music for a living.




I will keep this answer to myself. Let’s just say, “Thank God for my uncles!”


Plastic flooring, and hating it.


Custom fabricator working on Harleys and race cars.


My second career choice, in the event I can no longer be a flooring contractor, would be a career in fashion.


Frog farming.


Working at Costco making the big bucks!




Wood art.






Probably law enforcement like my parents.


Ironworker/ornamental horticulturist.


Cowboyin’ or veterinarian.


Probably back to the fire department.


Mowing yards. Basically the same thing as floors.


Scuba instructing full-time.






Wholesaler of wood floors.


Commercial fisherman.


White collar criminal … duh!

Ron Teljeur

Well, if I went with my degree I should be a physicist … but ya, still banging boards...

Pawel Kolodziejski

Wood something else.

Jim Clarey

If i wasn't doing hardwood, it probably means I couldn't cut it as a hardwood guy. Pretty much just leaves drywaller or painter as an option.

Crystal Morgan

Legal secretary. Came back to the flooring business to work with my family. Now we are three generations.

Mark Seven

Musician. Applied myself in flooring more. Campfires only now.

Wesley Elliott

I don't know ... maybe ruling the Earth.

Joe Smith

My former field: Bicycle and ski technician/race tech.

Dan Hawkes

Airline pilot.

Daniel O. Saucedo

Own my tire business.

Claudio Nascimento

Tile … but I'm doing tile, as well … lol.

Jim Hyde

Carpentry, but knowing what I know now I'd be an electrician. Work smarter not harder.

Paul Digiore

Tile or stone.

Dean LaPointe

I started doing online college classes while still doing floors. Made for some long days and almost no weekends for four years. After 10 years of doing floors, I started as an entry-level accountant. Ten years later I am now an accounting manager for a publicly traded company.

Michael Ritchey

Recreational land manager/land realtor.

Neal Garcia

Trim carpenter.

Shannon Miller

Police detective. Oh wait, I do that now along with flooring. Haha.

James Mayfield

Autobody tech.

Christopher Bock

Sandwich shop and bee keeping.

Jeff Munsch

Welding and fabrication.

Michael Velli

Commercial fishing, as I did before wood floors.

Andrew Ogden


Josh Lammi

Cooking BBQ!

Leroy Brookens

Teaching math and science.

Dennis Cudd

Commercial artist. My original intention out of high school. Forty-five years later … I'm still a hardwood flooring contractor. Lol.

Charles Elrod

Selling something.

Dennis Willbrand


Keith Dalton

Probably doing a little bit of strange for a little bit of change.

Brian Cooley

Something outdoors hopefully.

Jaime Espinoza

Prize fighting most likely.

Christopher Northmore

Something in boutique food manufacturing, probably using NZ-grown and manufacturing for export.

Mitchell Canter

Well, if I quit now I would probably go try to be a supervisor for a construction company. But if I had never gotten into it in the first place I'd probably be a mechanic.

Mark Hanes

Professional chair tester.

Chip Fauber

BBQ food truck.

Staci Sour Martinez

Weld, which I do as well already.

Nicholas C Maxson

Should have opened a pizza shop instead.

Ricky King

Professional poker player.

Danny Stenhouse

Be a big pharma CEO.

Aaron Fobert

Growing weed. Was a nice change actually when I did.

Jim Romaine

Flooring is my side hustle. Been in the commercial airline business going on 37 years.

Miguel Melendez

I'm a certified welder … so that.

Randy Golaszewski Sr.

I would probably be president or a circus clown.

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