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Fill in the Blank: 'You Know You’re a Wood Floor Pro When ...'

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We asked our followers on Facebook and Instagram about how you know you're a wood floor pro. Here's what they told us:


You use the feeling through your feet to determine how flat the subfloor is!

Jim Hyde

You use blue tape as bandaids.

Benny Powell

When you wake up in the middle of the night and run outside in your skivvies to get a dust bag out of the van!


Your children (not just you) critique (good and bad) flooring installs in restaurants, stores, etc.


When you pass wind, there is a small plume of dust.


You notice a good-looking floor but get down on your knees to get a closer look at the edges and corners. Sorry, not sorry.

Chuck Balek

When you drive through a random neighborhood with your family pointing out every house you’ve done the floors in.


You can’t enjoy your nice dinner because the floor needs sanded in this restaurant.


When you look at a Playboy mag and notice the hardwood floor.


You can tell whether the stain you’re sanding out is from a dog, a cat or a human.

Timothy Winzell

You annoy your spouse by interrupting movies and TV shows to point out a wood floor.

HY Floor and Gameline Painting Inc.

When you go to a museum to look at the floors. Or watch a basketball game to comment on the floors.

Josh Hansman

When you’re running the big machine and can hear a shake in the floor.

AmericanSanders Roy

You can walk through a room and never see what’s on the walls.

Yolande Pfister Du Toit

You dream of floors at night.

Bill Powell III

When you walk across a floor and you hear crunching, and it turns out it’s your knees, not the floor.

Eric Nylin

When you can spot other wood floor pros by looking at their shoes for poly.

T.J. Haas

You pick your nose with your thumb.

Chris Traver

One forearm is noticeably bigger than the other from swinging the mallet.

Casey Ditsworth

You have to eat your lunch with a putty knife.

Harbour Precision Floors

When you see a few pieces of No. 1 common in what is supposed to be a select floor.

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