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Readers Respond: What Would You Steal to Mildly Inconvenience A Wood Floor Pro?

What’s something you could steal that would mildly inconvenience a wood floor pro? Here’s what they said:

Chuck Kutchera

The guys that sit in their trucks most of the day.

Dean Gallagher

Someone actually stole the PVC pipe container for my finish applicator from the front porch. Who steals something they have no use for?

Josh Hansman

I’m taking all the outlets from the house except one … Wait, that’s called new construction.

Casey Johnson

Strings for the edger bags.

Carolina Floorz

Imma take your BM dust bag and possibly your buffer skirt.

Jeremy Harrison

Push broom, corner broom and dust pan.

Jason West

Just like someone stealing your lunch box after lunch.

Tom Hanson

The good scraper.

Daniel Caffo

One wrench from the drum sander.

David Friedland

We bought a bunch of pencils for an install. Someone on the job site was mad at us and took every pencil off the job site. 😂

Dustin Hewett

The alarm clock.

Scott Gardner

The air hose and rubber bumpers off the nailers.

Arian Goodson

Your scraper file.

Jake Schlichte

The bottle of whiskey.

Chris Allred

The spring-loaded toilet paper rod. Or the doormat if they have wood floors.

Bobby Finch

Every cellphone charger in the house.

Chris Pasquale Frate

The catalyst for the poly.

Ken Kuhn

The edger key.

Travis Morse

The laser thingy for measuring up estimates.

Eric Herman

Vacuum wand.

Gregory Brown

98% of the toilet paper roll—all but, like, four squares.

Scott Gardner

All the hand towels in the kitchen.

Lantzville Artisan Wood Floors

Hard floor vacuum attachment.

Ken Ballin

Straps for just the left knee pad.

Jerry Bowley

Their toilets and toilet paper.

T.J. Haas

Scraper blades.

Athanasios Tsaprailis

Our happiness.

Richard Sanderson

The welcome mat.

Nate Taylor

10 mm socket and USB charging box.

William Cudd

Mop handle.

Bob Alberding

A single headphone earbud.

Steve Smith

Edger cord.

Lou Buono Jr.

Toilet flush lever.

Brandon Myles Krause

Right knee pad.

Daniel Springer

Twist lock cords and all the 30 amp breakers.

Kris Askew

All the pocket knives.

Jesse Grey

Edger light.

Wayne Lee

Toilet seat.

MyKall Son

The bottle of hardener from the Synteko.

Wood Floor Chuck

Pig tails.

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