Wood Flooring Gets Creepy With A.I. Image Generator

Dall·e 2022 11 04 15 00 30 Elmo Explains To A Wood Floor Pro That His Floor Just Needs A Light Sanding

Have you ever wondered what it’d look like if a giraffe installed a wood floor? Or if Betty White decided, Hollywood Shmollywood, it’s time to apply some floor stain? DALL-E, a machine learning model developed by an artificial intelligence research laboratory, is now giving internet users the opportunity to find out. And the results are … well, occasionally kind of creepy.

The WFB staff decided to plug some hardwood flooring-related scenarios into the DALL-E to see what A.I.-generated images it would spit out. Here’s what we found:

“Batman arrests a hardwood floor customer for using too much blue tape.”

Dall·e 2022 11 04 14 47 00 Batman Arrests A Hardwood Floor Customer For Using Too Much Blue Tape

“Bob Ross sanding a wood floor.”

Dall·e 2022 11 02 15 50 42 Bob Ross Installs Wood Floor

“Elmo explains to a wood floor pro that his floor just needs a light sanding.”

Dall·e 2022 11 04 15 00 30 Elmo Explains To A Wood Floor Pro That His Floor Just Needs A Light Sanding

“A painting of Betty White staining a wood floor.”

Dall·e 2022 11 02 15 14 11 Painting Of Betty White Staining A Wood Floor

"An impressionist painting of a giraffe installing a wood floor."

Dall·e 2022 09 30 10 37 57 An Impressionist Painting Of A Giraffe Installing A Wood Floor

“Abraham Lincoln finds a hair in the finish after finishing a hardwood floor.”

Dall·e 2022 11 04 15 05 31 Abraham Lincoln Finds A Hair In The Finish After Finishing A Hardwood Floor

“A raccoon installing wood flooring.”

Dall·e 2022 11 02 15 54 35 Painting Of Raccoon Stealing Flooring Tools

“Vincent van Gogh sands a hardwood floor using the wrong grit sequence.”

Dall·e 2022 11 04 15 29 06 Vincent Van Gogh Sands A Hardwood Floor Using The Wrong Grit Sequence

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