Readers Respond: Wood Floor Pros Share Their Ideal Black Friday Purchases

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WFB asked readers to share what tool or piece of equipment they’d buy if they knew they’d have 50% off. Here’s what they said:

David Friedland

4x4 Mercedes sprinter van 🤣.

Maxwell Flooring, LLC

Get me a remote control sander so I can eat and sand 🙂

Zurc Jos

Bona Power Drive.

Timothy Winzell

The most expensive I can imagine, a new van.

Gregory Dozorec

Semi load of white oak; if that’s not acceptable I will take a semi load of Festool equipment.

Jordan Hall

Power Drive 💯.

Travis Morse

An entire truckload of FG Floortec equipment: one of each.

Oscar Ulises Carrillo

Bigger grinder with bigger vacuum!!

Kyle Thompson

New truck.

Karla Contreras

Does a new knee count as a tool? 🦵🏽🦿.

Bruce McRae

Full line of Festool with Sustainer system and vacuums to accommodate.

Larry Israel

Bionic limbs.

Bob Jewell

Smelt LED.

Jared Rawlins

New big machine, a Pallmann.

Saunders Wood Floors


Casey Ditsworth

110% new boat.

David Runyon

Power Drive or Spider.

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