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Readers Respond: What Would Your Wood Flooring Book Title Be?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to share the title of their book with us. Here’s how they responded:

Josh Hansman

50/50: Find a way to finish, make it look good.

Ron Teljeur

It'll be smooth sailing from here...

Paul Shirley

That will buff right out.

Wesley Goetz

The Color Will Catch Up.

Steven Triplett Jr.

Blood, Sweat and Blue Tape: Surviving a career in wood flooring.

Gregory Dozorec

Well that didn’t f*#kin go as planned.

Benny Powell

Yea, we can floor that!!

Bill Powell III

Homeowner/contractor is ready for us.

Travis Morse

As the drum turns: the young and the dustless. Memoirs of love and brain cells lost to oil base.

Michael Schuetz

Stains and how to sand them out. Yes, they all sand out (not).

Jorge Perez

Real Hardwood Floor Mastery For Dummies.


We're determined to get this one right. We say that at the start of every job, as we're unloading our gear.


Don't listen to me, I didn't wear my respirator today.


This shouldn't take too long.


It’ll go fast once we’re in open space!


Once the prep is done it’s all easy from there.


A flawless floor, every time.


It just needs a light sand.

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