Readers Respond: When Do You Make This Face as a Wood Floor Pro?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to fill in the blank for this popular meme. When do you make this face as a wood floor pro? Here’s what they said:

Chuck Kutchera

When the boss sends a hack to help get the job done.

Tim Mikels

When the client says, “I've been watching YouTube videos.”

Bruce McRae

When you see the most horrendous repair or lace-in EVER! But the customer loves it and says it's part of the floor's character…

Michael Settlemyre

The paper explodes on the drum sander.

Sharon Butterfield

When the customer tells you there is a hair in the finish and you're afraid to ask what type of hair it is.

Tony Horsman

When the client says, “I’d do this myself, but I don’t have the time.”

Brian David Schultz

When you're sanding some ungodly rental and start seeing tongue nails.

Travis Morse

When you start staining and see some edger marks in a closet.

Mike Andrew

When the trainee drops 5 liters of stain on the driveway.

Lou Buono Jr.

When the customer says, “I love the custom stain mix you sampled for us, but our designer suggested adding a teaspoon of Nutmeg stain to the gallon to make it pop." (True story.)

Michael Smith

“I need you to show up between 3:00 and 3:30 when the sun hits it just right and I’ve adjusted the blinds.”

Jeremy Summerford

When the vacuum shut off an hour ago and you’ve been edging the whole time.

Jeff Munsch

It's stain day and you hear a splash...

Eric Nylin

After the first coat they think it's done and want to pay you…

Angus Hardwood Flooring

When I left to get some lunch, my helper called to say, “I made a hole in the riser.”

Adam Francomb

Umm when the customer says the floor is great and you see a few edger marks.

Jim Hyde

“The decorator will give you the stain recipe.”

Jordan Hall

When you pass gas installing floors in a closet and the homeowner walks in… 😒 😒

Steven Triplett Jr.

When the homeowner asks if anybody’s seen the cat they told us not to let out…

Kristopher Jeter

They want to buy materials elsewhere...

Chuck Kutchera

The customer says you can only see the defect at 4 in the right light.

Bill Bagley

When the boss asks if I'll have this finished before I leave today.

Leonardo Lari

Client says, “I’ll sand the floor and then you come to coat it.”

Jesse Grey

When you hear the chandelier crystals hit the floor.

Andrew Dreis

When husband and wife argue over the stain color in front of you

Alex Westendorf

The homeowner walks in on the wet finish.

Craig Miller

When the client says, “We decided to get our own stains and mix them. We put it down beside yours, we like ours best.”

Lorie Davidson

“Can you match their price?”

Chad Reagan

When you overhear the customer saying, “Who ate the last granola bar out of the pantry?”


When the customer says, “It only needs a light sand.”


When the customer says her uncle is coming over to supervise.


When the customer says, “I’m not that picky.”


When customer ask if you repair laminate flooring.


When the client asks how long will the job take.


When the customer has you make more stain samples then picks the first one you did.


When the new guy is watching the first coat of water-base sealer dry.


When the customer says, “The check’s in the mail.” 😂😂😂


When the customer brings out the Pine Sol and a mop to clean the floors up on the last day of install.


When the customer asks if you can fix the white lines in their floor.


When the boss asks, “Where is the head to the vacuum?” 😂😂


When I hear, "Will there be dust?”


When the customer says “My dad used to build houses so I know a lot about this.”


The new guy says he's tired!


When customer expected you to move all the furniture.


When you walk in and see blue tape everywhere. 🤦‍♂️


When the customer says at the estimate that every contractor before you has done a bad job…🤔😅


When you're deep in the house, all the doors have signs up saying that you are applying finish, and you hear, “Is this cool to walk on?”


There’s no port-a-potties and no toilets.


When you walk into a house that a competitor has finished and the homeowner has 1,000 torn blue tapes on the floor to mark all of the imperfections.


When the customer says, “Match the stain in the center logo, it’s only a year old.”

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