Readers Respond: What’s the Wood Flooring Version of this ‘Office Space’ Meme?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to fill in the blank and let us know their wood flooring version of this popular “Office Space” meme. Here’s how they responded:

Jeremy Johnson

Calling your plastic floor a luxury plank.

David Friedland

Saying vinyl is life and waterproof.

Johnny Rodriguez

Letting your dog prance around while we finish your final coat. 🤩

Jorge Perez

Trying to make red oak look like white.

Daniel Reddy

Making me change into sterile shoes.

This was an interesting one today… Homeowner was a germaphobe, had “throwaway” crocs for all the tradesmen. I had to use three pairs today: one for cleaning, one for buffing, and one for coating. 😂

Craig Tosland

Putting blue tape on the floor.

Clint Fudge

Asking when we'll be finished, when we haven't even started yet...

Robbie Allen

Calling a third party to acquire my services.

Josh Swenson

Complaining about my pricing then going to the cheapest bid.

Jim Hyde

Changing your mind.

Crystal Morgan

Edging close to the corners!

Leonardo Lari

Walking on the wet floor.

Bee Ha

Asking for more samples. THAT WOULD BE EXTREMELY GREAT!

Shannon Miller

Crawling around on your knees with a flashlight.

Van A Stahl

Riding on the buffer.

Charles Carroll

Raising dust.

Karla Contreras

Saying that I’m tired.

Kent Chavis

Asking if that’s my best price. 😳😳

Kyle Thompson


Brian Cooley

Asking me what I do with the corners.

Troy Stanfield

Whining about how hard this job is.


Saying that laminate floor looks just like real hardwood floors…


Coating floors in socks.


Nailing plywood to concrete.


Asking when we will be done.


Letting your dogs walk on the floor.


Telling me the insurance company hasn’t sent you a check yet.


Buying cheap tools. 🧰


Dragging your toes on the water-popped floor…


Low-balling jobs.


Sharpening your scraper over the white oak floors that we’re about to pop.


Telling me you don’t have money but have Miele appliances, Viking Refrigerator/range.


Starting every single sanding sequence with a 36-grit belt…


Cutting my price.


Saying “Oh, it’s like putting together a big jigsaw puzzle.” 😂


Sorting through all the planks and forcing us to install only the ones that you like the grain of.

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