Readers Respond: What Wood Flooring Suggestion Has You React Like This Meme?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to fill in the blank for this popular meme. Here’s what they said:

Jordan Hall

... using the finish they have stored in the attic from 10 years ago.

Shane Scheimann

... the painters are pros; they won’t splatter paint.

Glenn Harris

... coming back after all the other trades are finished to do the final coat.

Benny Powell

... “We're going to stay while you refinish, our cats don't travel!!!”

Steve Heineken

... and recommends your company for crime scene and drama cleanup services.

Chuck Kutchera

OSHA’s coming and you’re putting your guard back on.

Tru-Line Hardwood Flooring & Dustfree Resurfacing LLC

“My floors only need a light sanding. You can do that, right??”

Bill Powell III

... you just buff and coat it.

Michael Gwin

... they will mix their own color.

Doug LeClair

... that waterbase is cheap and not durable. 🤔

Patrick J. Russell

... you use some finish they have.

Bill Loba-Wakol

... installing over particle board.

Jeff McGaughey

... they go pick up their own stain.

Bryan Seaman

“You match the lowest bid and the job is yours.”

Jeff Witkins

... doing each room separately.

Nicholas C Maxson

“I’ll get you so much work if you just hook me up on this one.”

Nathan Kelly

... their kid can “help” to get a discount on the bill.

Jessica Colpron

... you install LVP.

Tim Mikels

“So I've been watching YouTube videos and they say…”

Jesika Peterson

... starting your own business. 😳


... that they found a great deal online for engineered flooring!


... they want three coats of polyurethane.


... they can get it cheaper from the guy down the road.

“Do you sand stairs?”


... matching the color of this fir floor last refinished some time in the ’80s.


“We had two boxes of laminate and we bought three new boxes and it kind of looks like the same material can you make it look the same.”


... bleaching floors.


“Can I make payments?”


... gluing flooring to tile.


“I could do it myself but I just don’t have the time.”


“I need you to fix a scratch the movers left. It's 1/8" deep and 12 feet long. It runs diagonally across the living room in front of the sliding glass door. I don't want to finish the whole floor; it's in pretty good shape. Do you think the movers owe me a whole new floor?"


... staining the floor at 8 o’clock at night and you’re there until 12 p.m.


“Can you work Saturday and Sunday?”


... you can steam clean your wood floors.


... painting the floor.


... floating over glue-down.


... to watch a YouTube video to make sure you are doing it right.


“Can't you just steam out the scratches?”

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