Readers Respond: What’s the Wood Flooring Version of This Popular Kevin Hart Meme?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to fill in the blank for this popular Kevin Hart meme. Here’s what they said:


Using a table saw in an air conditioned job site. 😢


When I see anyone on my job site.

When I see someone smoking in a job site.


Working hard enough to sweat.


Dumping their trash in my sawdust trash bag!

With a top knot.


Watching TikTok.


Using a tool exactly like mine!!!


Crouch under the tape and “do not enter” sign I put across the doorway and exit the room I bleached an hour ago.


Sitting while scraping.


Barging in while I'm coating.


Watching the finish I just applied dry.


Walking on a vacuumed and tacked floor.


Pooping in a Home Depot bucket.


Someone with stain color samples when it was sold as natural.


Blowing out a booger.


Looking for the board stretcher I told them to get.


Not clean up after themselves.

Bill Powell III

Walk in with an extension cord at a one-outlet job site.

Michael Settlemyre

Another trade unloading while I’m buffing.

Jim Konen

Walk towards the house with muddy boots while saying, “I'll just be 5 minutes!”

Mikie White

Walk in with a piece of LVP to color match.

Bill Loba-Wakol

Rolling out red rosin paper or taping ram board to the freshly finished floor.

Adrian Molitor

Let me just simplify: I’m constantly pissed “when I see someone on the job site.” (remove the space)

Angel Olalde

Drinking out of the kitchen sink faucet. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Precision Flooring Service

Mow grass as soon as I crack the windows to start coating.

Jim Konen

Taping anything to the floor.

Chuck Kutchera

Another trade cleaning up after themselves.

Bobby Wormwood

Dogs on water-popped floor wrestling.

Jakko Woudenberg

When you explicitly said to the client that they could not walk on the floor and you see them walking on the floor. 😫

Brian Webb

Walk across fresh spread glue.

Michael Schuetz

With a white hard hat and a clipboard.

Jeremy Summerford

Tweaking. Be honest, this is real life.

Pete Helton Jr

Walking in the house while I'm coating.

Bradley Kidder

Putting blue tape on my fresh-sanded floor.

Doug LeClair

Walk in with snow on their feet.

Eric Herman

Wearing sandals.

Travis Morse

You don't even need to fill in the blank. Why the heck are you here?

TPF Hardwood

A worker with a demolition hammer.

Shawn Myers

Actually working.

Michael Gwin


Jim Hyde

Spray painting the baseboard without covering the floor.

Josh Lammi


Jacob Robinson-Johnson

With a joint. 😂

Kevin Corcoran

Watching videos while scraping stairs.

Karla Contreras

Letting the dogs 🐕 out on the wet coat floor.

Jay Quinene

Setting up to paint after I was told I’m the only trade on the project.

Van A Stahl

Putting tools away in the wrong place!

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