Readers Respond: What Wood Flooring Scenario Causes You to Make This Face?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to fill in the blank for this popular meme. Here’s what they said:

Josh Hansman

Customer spots a quartersawn board that looks “out of place.”

Pete Helton Jr

You miss the nailer and the steel side of the mallet connects with your shin.

Anthony Perl

A designer shows up.

Micheal Seeley

You pull the final and six wind shakes pop in the middle of a dark stained floor.

Shawn Myers

"Oh, you did end up moving that wall and island. I'll go back to the shop and get wood.”

Matthew Shumway

When there is no bathroom on the job.

Mikie White

You get to the job ready to stain and you popped the day before but the dog meets you at the door.

Jason Davis

You've shown every color on the van and she still can't pick one.

Jeremy Summerford

When you clog the toilet on the job.

Andrew Dreis

You walk past a room you just coated and the roof is leaking water from the storm outside.

Jimmy Grady

You walk in and there’s little pieces of blue tape all over the floor.

Karla Contreras

There is no power.

Daniel Springer


Van A Stahl


Michael Gwin

Your customer's cat runs through the glue and jumps into the bucket of glue and then runs up the carpeted steps.

Barry Oliver

When electricians walk on the job to trim out.

Bob Alberding

The painter is also on the job.

Beaver Hardwood

There is pet urine.

John W. Saunders

When I find out we have a 3 hour traffic ride home on a Friday.


You see the wind shake after the first coat.


Got glue all over my new pants.


The insect is hovering above the fresh coat.


When you're sharpening the scraper and the file slips on the blade.


When you run out of finish on a Friday afternoon.


Toilets aren’t hooked up and the outhouse has no TP.


The homeowner asks for your best Robert De Niro impression.


When they tell you they've been steam mopping the new floor.


When seven guys turns into three on a Friday.


The power goes out. 💥


Dogs show up….


Plumbers show up.


Coating with a 9-inch cut-in pad with no stick. 🤣😭


Your vacuum breaks down.


The movers show up.

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