Readers Respond: What’s Your Wood Flooring Face-Palm Moment?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to fill in the blank for this popular face-palm meme. Here’s what they said:

Jordan Hall

“I’m putting vinyl over hardwood.” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

RJ Cunningham

“It just needs a light sanding…”

Nicholas C Maxson

“We’re gonna sand it ourselves, we just need you to get us the poly.”

Michael Schuetz

“The guys that installed the fridge scratched…..”

Eric Nylin

“Yes we did come by last night to check on job…but those aren’t our footprints.”

Ron Teljeur

“My husband can help if that will save us some money.” 💰

Andrew Halabrin

“I know you're supposed to start today but we will need help moving a bed, dresser, washing machine, dryer, table stove, three china cabinets, kitchen table, and buffet before you can start!!! Oh, and my mother-in-law is here to visit this week.”

Daryn Stead

“Five years ago when we last sanded our floor it wasn’t that expensive.” 🙄

Ken Ballin

“They've been doing it this way for 30 years and never had a problem.”

Patrick J. Russell

“Over the weekend we filled the cracks on your final-sanded floor.”

Mike Somodean

“The painter spilled something and tried to clean it with acetone.”

Gregg Pierce

“I’ve done a few floors before…”

Daniel Springer

"The tile guy dumped a 25 pound bag of grout down the shower drain, right above where you're sanding, we need to cut it out and fix it so we can pass inspection. In two days."

Luke Biello

“I can do it myself. I just don't have the time.”

Jim Powers

“I used oil soap for years because it says it is good for wood flooring. They say it can be coated after using it.”

Lantzville Artisan Wood Floors 

“They'll just refinish their own floor if I can't come in under budget and start tomorrow.”

Bills Hardwood Floor

“You must have it done before Thursday. I have company coming Friday night.”

Greg Marion

“Our contractor is going to get the wood and do the install himself. We just need you to sand it.”

Shane Scheimann

“I know a guy who can do it cheaper.”

Benny Powell

“There's no difference between plywood and solid hardwood!!”

Robbie Allen

“We’d really like to use you but … you’re $500.00 higher than the other guy.”

Bill Loba-Wakol

“We waited 2 hours for the stain to dry before we coated it!”

Elise Jenna Djurinovich

“Just rub some linseed oil on it.....”

Matt Garcia

“That doesn’t work in my area.”

Troy Stanfield

“The painter just touched up the finish after scratching it with his ladder.”

Travis Morse

“Please contact the designer.”

Bruce McRae

“That's not how they did it in the YouTube video…”

Michael Gwin

“I sanded it myself last time.”

Paul Alexander

“We’ve decided to install the flooring ourselves if you help us get started.”


They mix stain and drywall mud to “make their own filler.”


“I think I would like flush-mount vents….” After I’m done installing.


“My neighbor runs an antique shop and she knows wood, she suggests…”


“I was reading online….”


“I used to work for a hardwood floor guy during college.”


That their old floor didn't dent or scratch like that from the furniture but you took before and after pictures.


Client tells you they just ordered a rug to throw over the newly refinished rift and quartersawn.


“Murphy's oil soap makes my floor look like new, but I have to apply it every week to keep the shine.”


“I am sorry we are still waiting on the insurance check!”


They’ll do their own leveling.


“I want the stairs matched to the laminate I chose.”


Their dog got loose and walked through the finish.


“How long will it take?”

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