What’s Something You’ll Never Hear a Wood Floor Pro Say?

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We asked wood floor pros this question. Here are some of our favorite responses shared by our followers on the WFB Facebook and Instagram pages.

Matt Keys

Put blue tape on the spots you’re not happy with.


Yeah, sure, invite every other trade over at the same time.

Glenn Harris

One outlet for the entire job site, sweet!


Yes, I would love for you to help me with the project so I can do it cheaper!

Dean LaPointe

I’ll put down as many stain samples as you want.


My back feels great today!


Sure, we’ll move that piano you said would be removed before the project we scheduled two months ago, free of charge, of course.


I agree, you should totally install waterproof laminate over those old wood floors.


Beautiful carpet!

Everett R Barnsley

You’re in luck, we’re running a “light sanding” special to the end of the month for only 25¢ a foot.

Cairoh Chapman

That paint spill should wipe straight off …

Joe Smith

No, you don’t need to place a deposit. Just call me when you’re ready and I’ll come runnin’!


My favorite part of the job is scraping corners.

Mike Hanning

We’d be happy to move all your furniture in and out!


I love patching dog pee on a Monday.

Clint Fudge

Nah, the dog’s fine, she can come and go.

Bill Bagley

That old shellac sanded off way too easily! I feel cheated.


My job is too easy!

Alan Lovstad Hardwood Floors

Just leave the flooring on the first floor. I will carry it up.


You’re right, it does just need a little bit of sanding.

Chuck Kutchera

I’ll work Saturday and Sunday, my wife won’t mind.

Bill Powell III

This was such an easy job I’m giving you a discount.

David Runyon

You should just cover that up with carpet.

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