Readers Respond: What’s Buzz The Builder Telling You In This Photo?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to fill in the blank for this popular meme. Here’s what they said:

Nathan Hourigan

“I thought you were finished.”

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David Friedland

“The wood’s been acclimating in the garage for the last three months so it’s ready to go!”

Nicholas C Maxson

“Hook me up on this one and I’ll get you so much work.”

Glenn Harris

“We'll have the job site cleared out for you in 20 minutes.”

Bradley Kidder

“Get the floors sanded so we can finish all the other construction.” (That's not a joke, it's like 80% of new construction I deal with in Florida.)

Lorie Davidson

“I’ve been doing it like that for years and never had a problem…”

Tom Hanson

“I'm going to need you to get the second floor refinished first. You don't need a staircase installed. Those ladders will work fine. I have faith in you.”

Ron Teljeur

“It's been warm all summer so moisture should be fine…”

Mike Wong

“No climate control, no worries.” 🤣

Tim Mikels

“I'm ready over here, just have a few things to move ohh and you can just tell the painters to move when you get to that point.”

Daniel Caffo

“This stuff will all be cleaned up when you get here.”

Dustin Bolin

“My concrete sub got this slab completely flat for you.”

Anton Djokic

“Painters got some spots on your floor ... can't you just clean it?”

Ray Paige

“Can you start in the kitchen? The cabinets and appliances are getting delivered tomorrow.”

Christopher Morrison

“I know you said you needed climate control for downstairs floors, so we got the upstairs unit going.”

Connecticut Wood Floors, LLC

“I’ve got five other projects, so give me your best price.”

Chris McPhee

Had this today: “You can put the floor in no problem, it’s not hot out anymore!”

Steve Smith

“The floor is ready for you.”

Anton Djokic

“The homeowners want you to match this Pinterest pic.”

Robert Mulcahey

“What do you mean it needs a vapor barrier? Does it really? What's that going to cost?”

Jimmy Grady

“I found this floor on Facebook for .99 a ft!!!!!! We need it to match the existing…”

Anton Djokic

He laced in the floor and needs you to make his red oak match the original white oak.

Benny Powell

“Oh yea, I'll have all these guys out of your way tomorrow!! Heat goes on in 6 months, you can start today!!”

Marc Ringel

“The place will be empty when you get here.” 😉

John Gleason

“You don’t need HVAC.”

Karla Contreras

You have to follow his instructions because he has been doing the trade for many years. 🤣🤣🤣

Bob Jewell

You shouldn't leave after telling him you won't work for him anymore.

Lantzville Artisan Wood Floors

“We're now going carpet everywhere except the entryway.”

Jeff Munsch

"The electricians will stay out of your way."

Bill Bagley

Everything was supposed to be centered on the fireplace hearth. "I meant to tell you sooner…”

Aaron Ediger

“Don't worry, the check will clear this time…” 🤣

Bob Alberding

“That sign of a leak in the floorboards below the window you pointed out was fixed two months ago.”

Elite Hardwood Floors

“The air still isn't working but it's only 85 degrees, so it should be fine.”

Adrian Molitor

“The last guy was only a few bucks a foot and this is the schedule for payment.” #byebyebye #remodelingonly

T.J. Haas

“They don't want expansion gaps.”

Matthew Wakefield

“You should be able to sand once with 80 then screen.” Meanwhile, it’s aluminum oxide…

Troy Stanfield

“Your price is higher than the regular guy I’ve used.”

Kristopher Jeter

The materials have been delayed and they need you to start at their convenience in two weeks. Also the painter had to start today so you can't start today anyways.

Jake Schlichte

“This Home Depot dehumidifier meant for a 500 feet room is climate control for the entire house.”

Mikie White

“I taped ram board down the day after you coated with blue tape to protect the floor from the other trades.”

Aaron Goodman

“I am not asking you to warranty the work, we just need it done right now!”

Crystal Morgan

“Electricity isn’t on yet. We are working off generators or you can connect at the pole.” 🤣

Bill Loba-Wakol

“There is no base shoe going and we decided to put in all the doors so they could paint them in the middle of each room.”

Daniel Springer

“We want the floors sanded before everything else.”


“There are just a few staples to pull out first…”


We finished … and he says, “I’m out of town for two weeks.”


“I just have a few (EVERY) other trade and appliances showing up before you lay that final coat down…”


“The 75-mm screed has been laid for two weeks now ... so all good for you to start laying the hardwood floors.” 🙄😂😂


“You can install and then the wood will acclimate while we do the drywall, painting and trim, then you can sand.”


“The LVP upstairs looks darker than the hardwood and steps you stained!”


“We removed the glued down flooring for you. Now you can come and do the easy work.”

Job site: adhesive still on concrete, with pieces of flooring.


“The electricians are going to jump in and set a few outlets before you throw down the stain…”


“The house will be empty,” but in fact, there will only be 15 scattered guys here and there.


“You'll be paid...when I get paid.” Less 10% withholding of course.


“We’ll do drywall, muddying and primer-after your floors are installed.”


“Why don’t you guys work Saturday and Sunday? Nobody will be here.”


...that it’s not their responsibility to foot the bill for making the subfloor suitable to install on.


“You see, you final coat it, and then I cover it with red rosin paper…”


They’ll get the material cause they know a guy three states away but it’s worth it cause it’s such a deal.


“It’s no problem to put the wood floors in, the windows and doors will be here in four weeks.”

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