Readers Respond: What Makes Wood Floor Pros Make the Grumpy Cat Face?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to fill in the blank for this popular meme. Here’s what they said:

David Friedland

A floor that they recently finished that’s now cupping and has construction debris all over it.

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Mikie White

Electricians. At the job, leaving the job, at the store, in traffic, wherever really.

Daniel Springer

Grease and water spots in the kitchen you just got done sanding.

Andrew Halabrin

The new guy not edging how you just showed him to for the umpteenth time!!

Ed Sheridan

The room I was supposed to work in this morning:

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Leroy Brookens

Electricians on our just-finished floors.

Sean Papierowicz

A house full of furniture on the start day.

Tara Jensen

Other trades in the house on the day you show up to do the final coat. 😖

Wesley Elliott

A cat standing at the top of the stairs looking at you as you're closing the door on the final coat!

Jason Bequette

An electrician.

Chris Betts

Someone “sAnDinG tHeIR OWn fLlOorS” got their orbital and rental buffer.

Christopher Morrison

Horrible sand job in a billion-dollar hospital!

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Nick Spano

The heating and air guy is there when you pull up.

Michael Gwin

Paper taped to a freshly coated floor.

Anthony Boccia

A customer walking on a wet coat.

Eric Nylin

Painters with no type of floor protection.

Glenn Harris

Literally anyone walking to the front door while I'm doing the final coat.

Dan Hill

The painter painting on the day you have to sand floors.

Timothy Winzell

After you drive to a site for an estimate, only to find they already have someone doing the work, and they weren't courteous enough to cancel the appointment. Then you realize that you probably don't need that kind of customer.

Ron Teljeur

The general contractor's repair job.

Jim Hyde

Blue tape on naturally occurring character in wood.

Jarrod Wellmann

When someone touches my big machine.

John W. Saunders

The arrogant cat that just walked across your wet polyurethane floor.

Christopher Cook

The tape and sign I put up torn down and footprints all over the floor I just spent two days UFOing…

Cory Schubert

A carpet installer with a brand-new staple gun.

Kenny Williams

Pieces of blue tape on the floor when you go back to do the final coat.

Michael Stevens

Paint on the floor. 🤷

Troy Stanfield

Anything that has settled in the finish…

Anthony Boccia

Another contractor starting their job.

Silas Dittmer

Carpet protector with adhesive rolled out on a freshly coated floor…

Michael McDermott

A speck of dust in the finish.

David Runyon

Post-it notes all over after the sealer went down.

Kristopher Jeter

Wet finish pics.

Mark Dittmer

They don’t like the color the next day after you spent an hour figuring it out for them.


LVP ads.


Short boards on a wide plank floor. Or any floor for that matter.


“It only requires a light sand.”


Dusty shoe prints all over a taped off floor.


Stair steps and H joints.


LVP being labeled as “Real wood.”


Six trades at a new project commence day. 😫


The piano in the middle of the room the client said they would remove.


The wrong type of TAPE on a newly finished wood floor, put there by a painter who should know better‼️😡


A customer whipping out their DuraSeal stain chart and expecting you to have ALL the stains on your van.


Showing up to a job that has one hot 110 and four other trades in the house.


Blue tape party from the night before.


When you get onsite and the contractor has stacked four or five other trades in there with you because he’s behind…


They want you to use a new technique they saw on Pinterest.


Trinkets still layed out all over the furniture the morning we’re supposed to start.

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