Readers Respond: What is the Wood Floor Pro’s ‘Squid Game’ Challenge?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to share what their wood flooring challenge inspired by the popular Netflix show “Squid Game” would be. Here’s what they said:

Josh Hansman

You must select three tools from your toolbox before knowing the challenge. Then, do a board repair using only those three tools.

Shawn Myers

You must match my stain color in my existing red oak, perfectly, but I want white oak installed, and keep the same direction, but I want wider planks, and it better match my cherry wood...

Rob Griswold

Sand and finish in the dark!

Eric Nylin

Match red oak to gray brown white cerused LVP.  You have 45 minutes.

Adrian Molitor

Repair a shake board after a final coat with your hands tied behind your back while listening to “High Enough” by Creed at 6 p.m. start time, 6:03 p.m. complete time. Customer is watching. And to make it hard, you begin to pee yourself at 6:01 p.m.

Steven Triplett Jr.

You must rid the floor of every dog hair before coating—EVERY hair.

Daniel Parkin

UV set filler by hand on common grade oak floor, 400 m2. Remove old filler first, not set properly in factory. Go.

Cody Scott

Match an existing gray floor.

Corey Brower

Install a flush mount vent into an existing floor with only a hammer and chisel.

Wesley Elliott

Freshly installed, sanded, stained and finished red oak floor on site. Remove a board that goes from the foyer to the dining room because of wind shake. Can't know anything was done...

George Gav F. Kavetsos

You have to watch the finish as it dries…

Mikie White

Repair the finish pull from tape in the middle of the room.

Ron Hardwood

Post pictures of your work without getting bashed…

Saul Mariscal

Install nail-down 3/4 on top of radiant heat system “blind folded.” 😅

Wood Floor Chuck

Get done on time and under budget because all the other trades are running behind and over budget.

Alberto Salinas

Find the blemish that's only visible when you crawl around at 5:45 p.m.


Turn off the light in the back room after the coat went down.


Make an oak staircase match a maple floor.


Carry your big machine over a rope bridge.


Put down Swedish finish with no mask. 😷

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