Date Yourself By Naming Something You Used to Do When You Started in the Industry

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We asked wood floor pros what they used to do on wood flooring jobs. Here are our favorite responses shared by our readers on the WFB Facebook and Instagram pages.

Tim Mikels

Turning off pilot lights before coating.


Pacific Strong water-based polyurethane.

David Friedland

A RotoZip for repairs.


Showed up for installs with a hammer, cut nails, Powernailer, crowbar and circular saw in a 5-gallon bucket.

Bradley Kidder

Hammer and chisel to do repairs before any oscillating tool.

Lorie Davidson

Buy Red Devil polyurethane from Kmart.

Howard Smith

Made homemade filler for flood-filling. Gasoline was one of the ingredients.


Put a fan in a window or door to suck out the dust.


Sweep the floor three times before vacuuming.

Damian Pullar

Manual 45⁰ Powernailer and top nailer with a 4-lb. mallet.

John Prater

#00 steel wool in rolls, making your own steel wool pads.

Glenn Harris

Hand-brush moisture-cure.


Keeping applicators in a 5-gallon bucket with paint thinner.

Gregory Dozorec

Drill and hand-nail starter and end rows.


Leaving a job to go to a pay phone to return a page.

Christopher Morrison

Used cold stick tar under the plywood for a moisture barrier!

Jeffrey Odachowski

Punch out discs from the roll of big machine paper.

Jennifer Spiker

Yellow Pages advertising.

Darren Hudgins

Dovetail saws to undercut jambs.

Kent Will

Scrape and hand-sand perimeter for stains.


Staining floors in July in Texas with no HVAC. What is acclimation?

Jonathan Hartgraves

Porter Cable vibrator.

Pete Helton Jr.

Install number bundles with a manual gun.

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