Readers Respond: What Wood Flooring Thing Ranks Among World’s Loudest Sounds?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to list what wood flooring thing would rank among the loudest sounds on earth. Here’s what they said:

Josh Hansman


Josh Rollins

Drum sander paper exploding on the last pass down the wall on the last cut you’re going to make. It has taken a year off of my life.

Kent Will

The phone call when you forget to unplug the compressor and it turns on at 3 a.m. when the homeowner is asleep.

Craig Miller

My sigh when they say, “It just needs a light sanding.”

Bill J Lilgreen

Porter-Cable pancake compressor.

Paul Alexander

Blowing an air hose.

Eric Nylin

Me screaming after I miss the nail set and smash my hand.

Mike Reissig

That staple when it goes through a radiant heat pipe.

Larry Israel

12-grit paper exploding under an old school American split drum.

Kevin Knauff

When the coating wand that I just leaned on the wall falls over behind me while coating… 🙂


Not even a question, the Fein tool!


My old table saw was a screamer and would scare away certain subs!


Years ago it was the Fein Multimaster.

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