Hilarious Reader-Generated Wood Flooring Memes from 2023

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In 2023, Wood Floor Business turned to followers on WFB's Facebook and Instagram to fill in the blanks as we created wood flooring versions of popular memes, and the results were endlessly entertaining. Thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions! Here is a sampling of some of the best memes from 2023:

Buzz Woody Answers

Change My Mind Answers

Doge Answers


Grumpy Cat Answers

Hands On Hips Guy Answers2

James Van Der Beek Ugly Cry Answers

Kermit Oxygen Reader Ones

Kermit Tea Answers

Kevin Hart Answers

Leo D Meme Answers

Monkey Puppet

Morpheu Answers

Nick Young Answers2

If You Could Stop

One Does Not Simply Answers

Picard Facepalm Answers

Pink Shrug Girl Answers

Running Bubble Girl Answers

Side Eye Chloe Answers

Squid Games Answers

This Is Fine Dog Answers

Willy Wonka Filledin

Yoda Answers

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