Readers Respond: Your Fairy Godmother Shows Up. What Wood Flooring Thing Do You Wish For?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to share what they’d wish for if their wood flooring fairy godmother showed up. Here’s what they said:

Kent Chavis

A rebuilt 21 year old body to wear out again, complete makeover. 🤪

Patrick J. Russell

To be able to karate-chop perfect cuts with no dust.

Sean Tupper

To match any floor perfectly stain-wise. 🥴

Dave Marzalek

A day off and a raise?

Christopher Morrison

Sandpaper that never dulls!

Jorge Perez

To be able to turn LVP into real wood floors.

Mark Hanes

Cordless flooring nailer.

Bobby Finch

Telekinesis to run the equipment.

Bobby Wormwood

Stain pine perfectly.

Jim Romaine

An actual helper….

Adrian Molitor

A forecast-like database of every local flooring company’s square footage rate. Much like checking the forecast on the weather channel…

Bob Goldstein

To be able to bend over pain-free!

David Price

Indestructible joints.

Michael Schuetz

💯 percent sand and finish results.

(No hairs, scratches etc., perfect finish coat like a factory finish.)

William Burnam

A cordless buffer.

Paul Digiore

Battery drum sander that doesn't weigh a ton and holds a charge for a day.

Dean Cleeton

A board stretcher.

Wayne Lee

See colors.

Johnny Rodriguez

The phone number to that truck driving school.

Mike Somodean


The Other Guys Wood Floors

The ability to say “no.”

Mikie White

Single-swipe scraping. One swipe, all stain and finish gone!

Harvey Penner

Customers pay the bill and add 25% tip.

Ron Teljeur

Double speed.

T.J. Haas

Snap your fingers and all the vacuums are dumped and the truck is neatly loaded.

Joel E Arias

Get paid on time all the time. PLEASE.

Shane Scheimann

Snap your fingers it’ll all be edged perfectly.


Turn wood dust into gold.


The ability to find the tool I’ve just used in under 10 seconds.


Unlimited patience.


Master stair builder.


Be Lenny Hall when I grow up.


Almost 30 years in the field and a fire that still burns, my unachieved skill is the ability to walk away.


Good question. The ability to trust others with my responsibilities.


The ability to enjoy scraping corners.


A career do-over!!!!!


To be free of all back and knee pain.


Ability to see all the staples of underlay carpet … and remove them in a second!


How to ride a desk.


How to bleach white oak. 😭


To always at any given moment have a pencil within arms reach.


How to level a floor.


Go back to real bundles and banish cluster bundles.


A pair of new knees.


“Chasing the grain” technique of making a repair after poly has been applied.


The ability to deal with crazy unreasonable customers. 😵‍💫


To clone myself.

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