Readers Respond: Someone Gives You $10K for Your Business. What Do You Do?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram what they’d do if someone gave them $10,000 for their business. Here’s what they said:

Paul Wilke

I would use it for marketing. That way I could 10x it.

Robbie Allen

Bona Power Drive and new decals for the van.

Will Dennis

Put it all on black.

Kent Rogerson

Take a vacation, the breather would be good for business.

Alex Franklin

I would invest in myself and marketing. Buying new tools. And setting up things to be a part of the community, getting in touch with more clients, customers and contractors.

Mike Somodean

Training, tools, marketing.

Casey Ditsworth

Shop upgrades.

Brendan Gillespie

Draft Kings …. Let’s goooo!!!

Eric Herman

Put it toward anything that you’re paying interest on debt.

Tom Hanson

Give the boss a raise.

Andrew Halabrin

Upgrade some equipment.

Dv Michael

Honestly...Give it back, and continue sanding or installing... and say you will make your own money.

Nash Maxwell


Troy Stanfield

More toys … I mean tools.

Alberto Salinas

Probably spend it on the NWFA classes and membership. I've been wanting to do that but they always happen when I'm slammed with work. They should do them in the winter when we're all slow.

Higher Standard Hardwood Flooring LLC

New tools! $10k would get me a new drum sander and a couple boxes of sandpaper!

Saunders Wood Floors

Go to the NWFA Convention in New Orleans. Drinks are on me. 😎

Datsun Witick

Training, learning.

Jonathon Gleason

Definitely investing back into my business as equipment and marketing to drum up more revenue.

Jack Toomey

Upgrade equipment.

Beverly Nix

Training, tools and take a vacation with family.

Plancher SMNR

Vacation!!!!! Jamaica!!!!

Ian Cheadle

Education events. Several.

Adrian Molitor

Education and pastries.

Mike Peterson

Company party. 😎

Steven Triplett Jr.


Anthony Perl

Buy a Spider and another B2.

Cody Miller

I would buy a new Lägler Trio and a new edger.

Frassman Tiler

Buying a van and all tools.

Unique Wood Floors

Investing in the right talent can yield significant returns, as a single strategic hire has the potential to increase this investment tenfold within the first year.


Go on a holiday with my kids.


Treat our crew to some decent bonuses, pay some suppliers, and maybe even pay the boss a little something!


Sanding abrasives, hardwood floor sealer and finishes.


Take the guys out to the casino.


1. Bonuses for the people who do the hard work that makes me look good.

2. Equipment.


Work truck down payment.


Employee workwear and bonuses.




More equipment. 🤑


Invest it right back into the business.


New van with logo.


Invest it in service equipment.


I’d buy me a Lägler Flip with all of the attachments to complete my sanding set. The rest of the money I’d invest into a work van with a vehicle wrap with me on it sanding a floor.


Pay for a stupid workman’s comp audit with State Farm—where they are trying to misclassify my subcontractor as my employee. 😢

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