When Dustin Sandover saw a chance to incorporate LED lights in a 3D wood floor compass, he lit up. Sandover, who runs Maple Ridge, B.C.-based Sandover Floors, had been talking to the homeowner for years about installing LED lights that change colors to the beat of music. So it was music to Sandover's ears when the homeowner, a childhood friend, began renovating: "He wanted a custom floor and just said, 'Go for it.'" Sandover used maple, red oak and walnut to create the 3D medallion, cutting the pieces with a table saw and track saw. The lettering was CNC-cut by a local cabinet maker and Sandover used a black-tinted epoxy to fill them. He glued and nailed the pieces over ⅝-inch plywood. Luckily, the floor is over a crawl space, which was drilled through to mount the Bluetooth-controlled LED lights beneath the lettering. The medallion was sanded and finished in place along with the rest of the 1,700-square-foot project. "It's exactly how I envisioned it when he first asked me to do something crazy," Sandover says.


Abrasive: Sia | Adhesive, Sealer: Bona US | Big Machine, Buffer, Edger: American Sanders | Filler: Woodwise | Finish: Glitsa | Nailer: Bostitch | Saws: DeWalt


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