Graf Custom Hardwood

838 Campbell Ave.
Portsmouth, OH 45662
Phone:(740) 354-7602
Fax:(740) 354-7905

Located in Portsmouth, OH, we’re a family-run company with decades of knowledge and experience in the hardwood industry. That knowledge and experience grows with every generation, guaranteeing that the work we do today is always the best we’ve ever done.


Quality isn’t just a feature we try to build into our product. Quality is our legacy and we work hard to continue that legacy every single day.


We specialize in flooring that uses a sawing pattern called Rift + Quartered. A Rift + Quartered plank is cut perpendicular to the growth rings, resulting in a tight, straight, vertical grain. Not only is it visually stunning, but it is also the most dimensionally stable cut of lumber possible. A Rift + Quartered plank will expand evenly and vertically, increasing the structural integrity and lifespan of our flooring.


What sets Graf Custom Hardwood apart is our high level of craftsmanship, a level that can only be reached because of our passion and our town. Every day we strive to push the industry past its current limits and to do the best work we have ever done. We are determined to exceed all expectations and not only reach the high standards set by our customers, but surpass them. We will go above and beyond to make sure that happens.


We’re able to do that, in part, because of our town. We’re located in Portsmouth, OH in the foothills of Appalachia. All the natural beauty and resources that surround us here give us a surplus of top class White Oak, Red Oak, and Walnut. All four of our collections—Solid, Engineered, Prefinished, and Style—start with logs we’ve sourced from within 400 miles of our plant.


We provide flooring collections in standard lengths of 1-8’ { Solid } and 2-10’ { Engineered }. Common specialty lengths range anywhere from 3-12’, 4-12’, 5-12’, 6-12’. We take pride in our ability to offer longer lengths outside the industry standard. The luxurious appearance of a longer floor adds quality and beauty to a space. If you can envision it, we can provide it.


When you combine the most passionate and skilled craftsmen in the industry with the high quality Appalachian oak and walnut, there’s only one possible outcome: the greatest hardwood flooring company in the world.

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