2019 Adhesives, Applicators, Fillers + Finishes Product Focus

5 N 219 Wfb Fm19 Pf Adhesives Bona R880 Ds Sm





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5 N 219 Wfb Fm19 Pf Adhesives Bona R880 Ds Sm

Bona US
Bona R880 is a premium silane-based construction adhesive engineered for taking hardwood to the next level with vertical wood surfaces. It is also suitable for trim, starter and closeout rows, treads, risers and more. Its bonding process can be accelerated by spraying little amounts of water on the substrate or spread adhesive.



Nnn 216 Hf Fm16 Pf Adhesive Stauf Sm

Stauf PUK 455 is a special-formulation, single-component adhesive for wide-plank flooring. PUK 455 has a shear strength of over 680 psi, meaning it is able to stabilize and control common cupping problems associated with wide-width solid flooring, the company says.


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Ovv 218 Wfb Fm18 Pf Adhesives Bostik Sm

Bostik Inc.
Bostik's Climb is a one-component, easy-gunning, non-sag adhesive specifically formulated for hardwood flooring, planks and blocks on interior, above-grade walls and installation of stair-tread caps. Applications include solid or engineered hardwood or bamboo installed on plywood, OSB or existing wood floor treads and risers, as well as drywall, brick, cinderblock or concrete for interior walls.



5 Q 219 Wfb Fm19 Pf Adhes Tec 802 Wood Endure 3and Halfgal Sm

TEC Wood Endure Advanced Performance Wood Flooring Adhesive requires no pre-installation moisture testing when no visible moisture is present. It is environmentally friendly, easy to trowel, suitable for green building projects and can bridge cracks up to 1/8 inch, the company says, adding that when used as an adhesive and moisture barrier, it reduces moisture to acceptable limits.



6 K 218 Wfb Fm18 Pf Adhesives Titebond Sm

Titebond's new packaging simplifies the adhesive handling process for flooring installers, the company says. The Âľ-gallon foil pouch is easy to open and handle. It also reduces mess and waste, speeds up installation and extends adhesive shelf life, the company adds. The packaging is available with Titebond 811 Advantage and Titebond 771-Step.



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Oox 219 Wfb Fm19 Pf Applicators Bona Sm

Bona US
The Bona Microfiber Roller is designed for easy, uniform application of waterborne finishes. Both the roller cover and the roller handle can be purchased separately, the company says.



Ooy 219 Wfb Fm19 Pf Applicators Norton Sm

Norton Abrasives
Norton's floor finish applicators were created with the professional contractor in mind; the company offers four options. The applicators are designed to quickly and easily apply floor finish or sealer and provide superior results, the company says.



Eee 616 Hf Jj16 Pf Applicator Woodwize Sm

Woodwise/Design Hardwood Products
The Woodwise Nap Saver suspends an applicator pad inside a polycarbonate housing so the nap doesn't get crushed. Since the nap never touches the sides, it keeps the applicator pads like new so they can be used again and again without compromising quality, Woodwise says.



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Obb 219 Wfb Fm19 Pf Fillers Bona Sm

Bona US
Bona Pacific Filler is a ready-to-use, trowelable, waterborne wood floor filler designed for filling cracks, holes, chips, gouges and broken edges in hardwood floors prior to finishing. It allows for better species color-matching and creating custom colors, the company says.



4 L 217 Wfb Fm17 Pf Filler Dura Seal Sm

DuraSeal Trowelable Wood Filler is a safe, non-flammable, water-based product for use across an entire wood floor. This product fills nail holes and covers other minor imperfections in bare and unfinished wood. It has a fast dry time, blends and adheres well to wood, sands easily and absorbs stain similarly to wood, the company says.



Off 209 Hf Woodwise Sm

Woodwise/Design Hardwood Products
Woodwise/Design Hardwood Products says it is continuing its research and development efforts to keep up with the wood flooring industry, and its wood fillers have been formulated to meet the demands of wood flooring experts. Its line of wood fillers includes: Woodwise Full-Trowel Filler, Wood Patch, No Shrink Patch-Quick, Powdered Wood Filler, Pre-Finish Filler and Epoxy Wood Patch.



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Oii 219 Wfb Fm19 Pf Finishes Bona Sm

Bona US
Bona Mega ONE is a one-component finish that features a durable, a crystal clear finish, and great build, the company says. It is a low-VOC product with exceptional scratch- and scuff-resistance and a five-day full-cure time, the company adds.



4 U 217 Wfb Fm17 Pf Finish Dura Seal Sm

DuraClear Max is a durable two-component, non-ambering water-based finish. It is formulated for use in commercial and high-traffic areas, with exceptional flow and leveling, the company says. DuraClear Max is Greenguard-certified and available in flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.



6 D 219 Wfb Fm19 Pf Finishes Osmo Sm

Osmo USA
Osmo says its Osmo Polyx-Oil Original is the original hardwax oil and enhances the wood color and grain. Its oils protect the wood from the inside while its waxes form a wear-resistant surface. The finish will not crack, peel or flake, and it has improved brushability and is easy to apply, the company adds. No primer or sanding is required, and spot repairs are possible. It is available in satin and matte.


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Off 219 Wfb Fm19 Pf Finishes Absolute Coatings Sm

Absolute Coatings Group
Easy2K's two-component, 100 percent urethane formulation delivers fortified durability, while the No Lap technology makes it easy to apply, resulting in a clear, even finish, the company says. Grand Build delivers high solids in fewer coats for extra wear-protection. This unique technology is easy to apply and brings out the beauty in hardwood floors with low odor and an easy soap-and-water cleanup, the company adds.



5 C 415 Hf Am15 Es Garco Classic Worldand Seal Kote Sm

Garco Clear Finishes—Absolute Coatings Group
Garco Clear Finishes' Classic World polyurethanes have been in the marketplace since 1923 and are made from the finest resins available today, the company says, adding that they have excellent scuff-, chemical- and abrasion-resistance and are available in super high gloss, semi-gloss and satin sheens.



4 X 217 Wfb Fm17 Pf Finish Harco Radiance Omw 2017 Sm

Harco Clear Coatings—Absolute Coatings Group
Radiance OMW features water-based and oil technology to create a product with the convenience of waterborne and the rich, traditional look of oil, the company says. Radiance OMW is a self-leveling, fast-drying, one-component system available in all sheens, including matte, and is VOC-compliant in all regions.



5 D 417 Wfb Am17 Expo Petri Sm

Petri Clear Coatings—Absolute Coatings Group
Petri Parlay is an oil-modified polyurethane wood floor finish. Parlay provides excellent scratch-resistance, flow and leveling properties, as well as a crystal-clear color, the company says. The product is 350 VOC-compliant and comes in super high gloss, semi-gloss and satin sheens.



5 D 217 Wfb Fm17 Pf Finish Polo Plaz Sm

Polo 1K is a single-component waterborne finish. The formula is non-ambering, clear and low-VOC. Polo 1K's rapid-cure technology allows for the floors to be returned to service the very next day, the company says. It is available in gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte sheens.



Precision Tech 219 Sm

Precision Technology — Absolute Coatings Group
Swedish Finish for Pros is a two-component, acid-cured wood floor finish that has scuff-, scratch- and chemical-resistance. Zenith Polyurethane is a premium oil-modified, high-build, clear finish that is easy-to-apply and dries to a scratch-and-scuff proof finish, the company says. The products are available in high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte sheens.



5 I 416 Hf Am16 Pf Sampson Tradtion And H2 O Sm

Sampson Coatings—Absolute Coatings Group
Sampson Coatings high-solids, single-component waterborne finish combo, H2O and Tradition: Tradition provides the rich traditional look of oil while H2O offers a non-yellowing, crystal-clear appearance. Both are easy to use with superior flow, leveling and excellent film build, the company says.


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