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French Artist Gives ‘Floating Floor’ a Whole New Meaning

Ryan Kushner
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You've seen wood floors with water issues before, but a floor with one third of a row boat sticking out is probably a new one. For that unusual sight, we have Parisian artist Stéphane Thidet to thank. Thidet developed this arresting piece in 2010 using poplar planks nailed over an elevated base. The theme of the wood floor rowboat—titled La Crue, which translates to "the flood"—is not all "merrily, merrily." "It's about immobility, the fossilization of a situation," Thidet says. "An object trapped by its own material, the environment of this boat becomes an outgrowth of itself." The portable floor, which Thidet created in two weeks with the help of a carpenter, clearly holds some universal truths. As for what wood floor pros think when they see it? Judging from reactions online, something along the lines of "not sure that'll buff out."

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