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Intricate Engravings Bring Life (And Skeletons) to Flooring

Ryan Kushner
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Lasers, skeletons, wild plants... While these sound like the makings of an epic sci-fi film, they're also elements that make up the Wood line of flooring from Bisazza. The Montecchio Maggiore, Italy-based flooring manufacturer worked with Flemish-Dutch artists to design the unique line of mosaic prefinished oak, which features engravings of wild vegetation and animal skeletons. Carbon dioxide laser machines are used to create the engravings. It's the company's first stab at a flooring line with laser-engraved motifs, and company spokesperson Tiziana Riso says the biggest challenge was determining the right engraving depth. But once the depth and colors were figured out, Bisazza proceeded to go boldly where no floors have gone before.

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