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What is the Hottest Wood Flooring Design Trend in Your Area?

Oov 421 Wfb Am21 Talking Shop Tommy Stuart Med

WFB asked wood flooring pros on Facebook and Instagram to share the hottest design trends in their area. This is what they said:


Oov 421 Wfb Am21 Talking Shop Tommy Stuart Med

Tommy Stuart

Borders. (Wisconsin)


Joe Vincenti

Super-wide riftswan white oak in long lengths. (New York)


Oos 421 Wfb Am21 Talking Shop Rui Goncalves Med

Rui Goncalves

Herringbone. (New Jersey)


Davis Bell

Starting to see a lot of black stain on white oak here. Rubio Intense Black has been on the move! (Texas)


Mike Hanning

Anything gray and wide. (Montana)


Jim Kramer

Jacobean has always been a trend with our customers, but the Scandinavian look is growing in popularity again. (Delaware)


Ooo 421 Wfb Am21 Talking Shop Dylan Siddle Med

Dylan Siddle

Jacobean stain on white/red oak. I've done five or six in the last few months. (Pennsylvania)


Wood Floor WorkShop

White oak in character grade. (Michigan)


Michael Todd Inmon

The gray weathered look. (Michigan)


Sandro Amaral

50 shades of gray. (New Jersey)


Oaa 421 Wfb Am21 Talking Shop Jonathan Gramajo Med

Jonathan Gramajo

4-inch white oak rift and quartered fumed and finished with Rubio oil. (Rhode Island)


Debra Kay Kirschnick

Livesawn white oak and European white oak, grays are still hot, but more organic colors are back. (Virginia)


Oop 421 Wfb Am21 Talking Shop Jason Guerra Med

Jason Guerra

Loba Pre-Tone White and Loba Invisible Protect on maple. (California)


Wesley Goetz

Whatever Pinterest says. (Virginia)


Oot 421 Wfb Am21 Talking Shop Sean Tupper Med

Sean Tupper

Wide boards. Done quite a few lately! (California)


Jim Powers

We are selling a bunch of herringbone and chevron in both solid and engineered. (California)


Ooq 421 Wfb Am21 Talking Shop Jon Jackson Med

Jon Jackson

White, light grey, and white pigment sealers.This commercial job has Pallmann NatureSeal, two coats of X Power and one coat of X Gold Satin. It's a multi-width plank floor in with a mix of No. 1 common oak and hickory. (Ontario)


Steve Heineken

Wide-plank wood flooring with a Nordic whitewashed look. (Vermont)


Oox 421 Wfb Am21 Talking Shop Trevor Hayden Med

Trevor Hayden

Quartersawn white oak with browns, grays, whites and blues. (Iowa)


Urszula Klotz

Parquets and medallions. (Poland)


Patrick Keith Fogarty

Over the past five years we've done mostly gray/whitish, wide plank engineered installs. (British Columbia)


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