Readers Respond: Wood Floor Pros Share Favorite Summer 2022 Projects

Submitted by Graziano Calzone CeCparquet.
Submitted by Graziano Calzone CeCparquet.

We asked wood floor pros to share a picture of their favorite wood flooring project from this summer. Here’s how they responded:

Fino Oficio

Flooring life is not always a straight line.

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Jason Vivash

European oak pattern with a 1/4 cut zebra wood book match border and holly/roasted curly birch fleur de lis diamond inlays. Lightly white cerused/natural/white oil finish.

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Graziano Calzone CeCparquet

Submitted by Graziano Calzone CeCparquet.Submitted by Graziano Calzone CeCparquet.

Woodchuck Golv

Herringbone install with brass inlays and treated with a blend of two colors with Rubio Monocoat hardwax oil.

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Aaron Sheaves

Switzerland Embassy, before and afterwards.

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Jarrod Wellmann

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Chuck Kutchera

Not my favorite, but the one I just finished up.


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Shawn Myers

Probably this one. It's still drying out 🤷‍♂️

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Gregg Pierce

300-year-old pine.

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David Friedland

Ipe with Loba pre tone Mocha, stained with Wearmax ebony water-based stain. We then finished it with Wearmax Ceramic beads water-based finish.

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Cash Pyle

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Yolande Pfister Du Toit

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Kuan Regina

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Michael Howick

Red oak herringbone, wrapped with a red oak/maple border.

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Daniel Frederick Reddy

Hand-cut starburst, free-hand engraved letter.

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Juan Ruiz

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Delaware Valley Hardwoods

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