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What’s Your Favorite Wood Floor You’ve Ever Installed?

5 L 1022 Wfb On22 Talking Shop Jonathan Gramajo

We asked the above question. Here are our favorite responses shared by our readers on the WFB Facebook and Instagram pages.

Lorie Davidson

This is my home’s hallway. It’s a 2¼-inch white oak in a rhombus pattern with a soldier border and walnut accent strips. I used the rhombus pattern because of the odd angles of the hallway when it turns to the right in this photo.

5 I 1022 Wfb On22 Talking Shop Lorie Davidson

Jonathan Gramajo

These are 7-inch red oak reclaimed planks. The customer asked us to install it upside down because he loved all this imperfections, saw marks and cuts marks all over the place. So, we ended up adjusting some tongues and groves, then nailing it down with glue-assist and filling all those knots with black epoxy.

5 L 1022 Wfb On22 Talking Shop Jonathan Gramajo

Spencer Hulbert

I recreated a picture-frame floor in my upstairs using only quartersawn red oak. My home was built in 1881.

5 K 1022 Wfb On22 Talking Shop Spencer Hulbert

Jason Vivash

This reclaimed oak pattern with leopardwood and wenge diamonds.

5 E 1022 Wfb On22 Talking Shop Jason Vivash

Che Polfliet

I designed this floor with a compass rose for customers who like to sail around the world. That’s why I chose to use these types of wood from four continents for north, east, south and west: Merbau from Asia, American walnut, afrormosia and wenge from Africa, and European maple. Not to make it too easy, the north point comes out of the compass.

5 B 1022 Wfb On22 Talking Shop Che Polfliet

Justin Hiers

This is 2¼-inch select red oak with a 3¼-inch sapele inlay. It’s stained with DuraSeal and coated with ProCoat Titan.

5 G 1022 Wfb On22 Talking Shop Justin Hiers

DM Hardwood Designs

This Navajo war bonnet that won my first Floor of the Year award in 1996.

6 W 1022 Wfb On22 Talking Shop Dave Marzalek 4550 Cover 896 Hf

Casey Ditsworth

For this red oak and walnut floor, I had to do one side of the fireplace at a time: one side complete with staggered rows, then the other. So just gluing up the curve took me a week of a few minutes here, let it dry, a few minutes there, let it dry. The field and the rest of the borders were gravy.

5 A 1022 Wfb On22 Talking Shop Casey Ditsworth

Lenny Hall

This hand-made trompe l’oeil parquet we designed in 2006 and made from Gaboon ebony, English sycamore, Brazilian ebony, massaranduba and sapele.

5 H 1022 Wfb On22 Talking Shop Lenny Hall

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