Readers Respond: What’s Your Favorite Wood Floor Photo On Your Phone?

Submitted by Ed Sheridan.
Submitted by Ed Sheridan.

WFB asked pros to share their favorite wood floor photo on their phone. Here’s how they responded:

Chuck Kutchera

I installed this floor in 1989 and went back this spring to install their upper hall.

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Fino Oficio

At the moment I have to go with this one, to be honest…

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Ed Sheridan

Submitted by Ed Sheridan.Submitted by Ed Sheridan.

Bob Patterson

Last picture Lisa took on one of our job sites before she passed with 57 others five years ago.

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Josh Hansman

I did this about 13 years ago for a retired navy captain.

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Dane Smidt

My first time doing this pattern and border.

306784100 5568549433220996 960072483976342055 N

Jarrod Wellmann

Crazy radius scribed to tile.

306637311 10224380342228437 9142329357292002522 N

Jason Mackintosh

306191038 10160252026088748 5827784570257343366 N

Daniel Springer

Lightly wire-brushed.

307180339 1697113217331373 641461061398101693 N

Nicolas Normandeau

One I just completed. Red oak with walnut inlay. Stained with a custom Bona stain.

307465761 5463728677048713 6327223394960814582 N

João Sá

307772778 6041849162537029 7354811833681253201 N

Raphael Chee

306936950 5518184064883901 8007303422515085290 N

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