2022 Borders, Inlays, Moldings, Vents + Stair Parts Product Focus

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See the latest borders, inlays, moldings, vents + stair parts. The companies below are advertisers in the October/November 2022 issue of Wood Floor Business.



Premium Partners



Saroyan Hardwoods
Saroyan Hardwoods offers the industry’s largest inventory of coordinating treads, risers, nosings and reducers in up to 26 hardwood species, the company says. Its in-house custom shop can also fabricate accessories to any architectural detail or specification.



Featured Suppliers


Appalachian Lumber Co.
Appalachian Lumber offers custom treads of any size, as well as pie treads and custom landing treads. The treads are made from high-quality hardwoods and are available in more than 20 species, the company says.





Grill Works Inc.
Grill Works Inc.'s Flush With Frame Vents are designed to sit flat on the subfloor. The frame is set permanently, while the vent is removable to permit cleaning of the duct throat. They are delicate-looking but tough, and they are available in a variety of thicknesses, the company says.





Oshkosh Designs
This 7-foot medallion inlay combines a traditional-style compass rose with a Greek key border to create a unique and dramatic entryway, the company says.





Seneca Millwork Inc.
Seneca Millwork’s SignatureFlex flexible moldings products are designed for curved architecture and flooring applications. They are manufactured out of polyurethane material and provide a durable, cost-effective alternative to custom wood applications, the company says. They are available in an unfinished smooth or wood grain surface and can be painted or stained and installed like real wood.





Vanishing Vents
Vanishing Vents are designed for an exact match of color, texture and sheen and are produced using the same material as the floor. The vents are 100% louvered for superior air disbursement and proper space heating/cooling, the company says. They are compatible with prefinished engineered hardwood, LVP, LVT, laminate and other materials.





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