Do You Have an Old Tool You Just Can’t Get Rid Of?

5 E 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Glenn Harris Med


5 K 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Rob Chewning Med

Rob Chewning

My applicator storage tube. Yes, some poly does go on the floor!


5 I 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Keith Elberson Med

Keith Elberson

Best tool out there.


5 J 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Kenneth Varnes Med

Kenneth Varnes

My great-grandfather's 15-ton Simplex railroad jack.


5 E 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Glenn Harris Med

Glenn Harris

I purchased it in 1990. It's great for blending edges, and it makes quick work of the edges during intercoat abrasion on natural jobs.


5 L 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Rober Patterson Med

Robert Patterson

1970 Powernail hand nailer. Never jams, drives a nail like going in butter. Fifty years old this year.


5 B 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Charles Carroll Med

Charles Carroll

Still works but retired it on a shelf—an old Rockwell jigsaw I've had for a long time and was passed down to me for safekeeping.


5 H 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Josh Hansman Med

Josh Hansman

Seventeen years, same scraper. Any other scraper would just feel weird in my hands.


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5 F 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Jim Sours Med

Jim Sours

I still have 20 other mallets but this one's my fave!


5 C 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Chris Kulakowsky Med

Chris Kulakowsky

For when I get bored of my nailers with wheels that make it too easy.


5 M 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Steve Potter Med

Steve Potter

I have four Cavanaugh nailers that are all in working condition. I do use them on occasion, but I can't find nails anymore.


5 D 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Chuck Kutchera Med

Chuck Kutchera

I've probably had this Bell System hammer for over 20 years. Can't get rid of it, as I'm still using it.


5 G 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Jorge Perez Med

Jorge Perez

My mallet is called Baby G; it is my OG mallet. It really sucks a floor in tight without a doubt. Any stubborn board or bowed board never stands a chance.


5 N 1220 Wfb Dj21 Talking Shop Wayne Walker Med

Wayne Walker

My very first tool box when I started—it's a food delivery box. I keep a few things in it still and use it as a reminder to always stay humble and to never forget the struggle. I've had it for over 10 years now.


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