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What Is Your Biggest Wood Flooring Pet Peeve?

Ozz 620 Wfb Jj20 Talking Shop Chris Hodges Stain Med

Ozz 620 Wfb Jj20 Talking Shop Chris Hodges Stain Med

Chris Hodges

Interior decorator: "I would like to see a sample of all these different stains."



Getting invisible splinters.


Spencer Hulbert

When they won't trust you alone in their house and walk all over the floor when you're working on it.


Aaa 620 Wfb Jj20 Talking Shop Christopher Thorsby Med

Christopher Thorsby

Getting that call about them rolling a new fridge over the floor when your maintenance sheet says NOT to roll the fridge on the floor without protection.


Allen Rapaport

The painter: "I just got a little bit of paint on the floor. I am sure you can wipe it off and fix it so the client won't know. It shouldn't cost anything, right?"


Ddd 620 Wfb Jj20 Talking Shop Kevin Munro Med

Kevin Munro

What is that smell?! My dog never goes in the house.



When the homeowner controls the thermostat remotely with their phone.


Everett Barnard

Hitting a nail with a new belt.


Fff 620 Wfb Jj20 Talking Shop Todd Anthony Med

Todd Anthony

Being told we didn't sand far enough on a sun halo spot when a rug didn't move for 20+ years.


Matt Allen

When a "flooring master" stairsteps the entire floor.


Matt McGrew

Pictures of wet finish as examples of work.


Thomas Hayes

Hearing the words, "I have been on the internet and you aren't applying the finish properly!!!"


Ccc 620 Wfb Jj20 Talking Shop Dmitry Lavrenyuk Med

Dmitry Lavrenyuk

Cleaning after all other trades on site before starting laying the flooring down.


Eugene Stone

Having to tell the customer the floor looks incomplete because it is incomplete.



Sanding/installing small spaces!!!


Eee 620 Wfb Jj20 Talking Shop Kyle Neuroh Med

Kyle Neuroh



Mark Hanes

When the customer knows you're showing up at the same time every day and they are parked taking up the entire driveway, or their car is still in the garage and they ask you to move your vehicle.



The people who call you back about the tiniest fly in the ointment and you come back a week later to touch it up and they have already destroyed the floor when they dragged all of their furniture across the floor.


Paul Arvidson

When you get a floor finished and the homeowner/contractor walks in on it and asks,"Is it okay to walk on?" ... after they already walked on it.


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