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Norton Abrasives
1 New Bond St.
Mail Stop 301-403
Worcester, MA 01606

Toll-free: (800) 551-4415
Fax: (254) 918-2309

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At Norton, we appreciate how critical consistent and reliable products are when your reputation is on the line, and deliver the quality products needed to differentiate you from the competition and grow your business. From premium abrasives to floor finishes and accessories, Norton offers the right choices for every job.

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  • Norton Blaze
    Designed specifically for the toughest sanding applications, Norton Blaze tackles gym floor re-sands with ease and is proven to cut through UV-cured pre-finished floors in one pass. Super-sharp premium ceramic grain cuts fast and delivers unparalleled longevity resulting in less belt changes and more footage per job. Leaves a fine scratch for easier sanding and a better overall finish.
  • Norton Red Heat
    Represents industry-leading products for the most demanding sanding applications. A super sharp, patented 100% ceramic alumina abrasive cuts fast and last up to 3X longer while imparting the finest scratch pattern of any product.
  • Norton Neon
    Designed with economical price and durability in mind, Norton Neon floor sanding belts and rolls are the ideal choice for any floor sanding job, from exotic woods to domestic hardwoods.
  • Norton Red Heat Screen
    Patented 100% SG ceramic grain is super sharp and fast cutting for 2-3 times life and finer scratch pattern of silicon carbide, virtually eliminating the risk of burnishing the wood.
  • Norton SandDollar
    Unique patented design allows you to smooth and prep the surface of the floor to properly accept the next coat of finish without the risk of horrible swirl marks.
  • Norton ProSand Multi-Air Cyclonic Discs
    Premium ceramic alumina abrasive provides superior cut on all surfaces, lasts substantially longer and cuts faster than conventional abrasives and has been open coated to resist clogging and loading during sanding. Universal multi-hole pattern fits all 5" and 6" random orbital sanders. Ideal for tight spots and stair treads.
  • Norton|Vermont Natural Coatings
    PolyWhey Professional
    Wood Floor Finishes

    Safe, durable, and easy to apply, Norton|Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Professional Wood Floor Finishes surpass the competition in both abrasion and mar resistance and will outperform other waterborne coatings in the toughest commercial settings. PolyWhey Floor Finishes meet the highest professional applications and environmental standards without compromising performance and durability.