Micheal Seeley

I had a wasp fly up my pants at the ankle cuff. I took off running as I dropped my trousers while screaming like a child. It stung me three times. The client was trying to help as I'm standing in her kitchen with my pants around my ankles. I looked her in the eyes and we both started laughing hysterically.

Dean LaPointe

We broke into a house, moved all their furniture into the garage and started sanding. About noon, the real customer called to ask where we were. I said, "We're sanding your floor." She said, "No, you're not." LOL.

James Cortright

I was showing customers stain samples and was unaware my helper had loosened all the caps. So when I gave Espresso a good shake, the stain landed all over their one-day-old paint job and myself.

John W. Saunders

I told this homeowner, Trish the Dish, right in front of her pilot husband, "Wood is a living breathing orgasm ... organism, I mean organism." We all laughed.

Lou LiCausi

I stepped out of the truck backwards into a 5 of laquer.

José A. D. Vinkemulder

I coated myself in and had to wait on the porch for a couple hours. My boss must've thought I was an idiot.

Bill Deskins

I kicked a bucket of stain down a flight of stairs right in front of the homeowner.

Jason Duron

Was riding a Boost machine and was looking behind me and drove through the drywall of the St. Louis Zoo. They used a 6-foot plant to cover the hole till it was fixed.

Keith McNamara

I was cutting out a subfloor on the third floor, and the water line was attached to the bottom of the subfloor. There was no shutoff and the basement was an episode of hoarders. All three floors flooded. Lucky for insurance!

Gregory Brown

Many years ago we were installing a floor for an interior designer in her own home; the floor was being installed over sleepers. My installer asked me why they didn't install plywood over the sleepers and I told him that the homeowner was too cheap ... I had no idea she was standing right behind me!

Derek Boer

I was putting the last coat of finish on a floor. I opened the front door to leave, and the customer's cat came flying in right across the floor down the new carpeted steps out the basement door and onto the hood of their car. The good news was I was able to walk across the freshly coated floor and just go over it with my applicator to get the footprints out. The finish washed off the car, but the carpet was crunchy in a couple spots.

Mark Freece

I was coating a floor with a coworker and lifted my leg, farting extremely loudly. I made the sound of relief ... only to find out the homeowner was standing at the door. My face turned five shades of red...

Troy Stanfield

Being relentlessly told by the client not to chip the two-pack finish off her custom wine cabinet as we lay up to its bottom edge ... five minutes later ... ohhhhhh nooooo!

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