Be a leader not a boss. Treat your guys with respect, pay them well and don't over work them.


Nora Gutierrez

Treat them with respect and let them know they are appreciated.



Hire guys who aren't afraid to work, then teach them why this craft is the best one.


Alfredo Graham

Make it hard to spot the general by working like a soldier.


Greg Marion

Train with patience but accountability. Make it about being a team, with no one person doing anything they wouldn't expect out of the guy next to them.



Someone who feels respected will treat you the same and will work harder for the company in return.



Education and listening is key. Also, find what motivates them. I've had guys that want cash for Christmas and others that just wanted a few extra days to spend with family. Get to know them as people.


Anthony LiCausi

Lead from the front, don't drive from the back. As the boss you set the pace, the standards and the work ethic. If you keep their respect by showing rather than saying how good you are, they will follow you anywhere.


Jonathan Hartgraves

Remember where you came from—you know how it feels to be in their shoes, so treat them with respect and they will give it in return. A leader helps where needed; a boss points and barks.


Caleb Hall

A wood flooring business is nothing without a true genuine team full of craftsmen who take pride in the project. With that said, be a leader, up front, and assertive ... earn respect, demand perfection. Make it clear the work you put in is the reward you get out. As John Wayne once said, "I don't give jobs, I hire men."


Bruce McRae

Teach those willing to learn and let go of those that aren't.


Donald C. Bouchard

Make your business about relationships! They will be with you throughout your career; treasure and nurture them.


Kurt Gordonz

Treat them with respect, pay them well based on quality of work and experience, thank them for a job well done, offer health insurance, and don't make them do anything you wouldn't do.


David Habib

Provide them with checklists so they understand what is expected. 99% of the time when something goes wrong it's because a step on the checklist was ignored. Once they see this happen, they believe in it and start using it proactively.