What’s the Klutziest Thing You’ve Ever Done on a Job Site?

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We asked our readers about their klutziest moments. Here are our favorite responses shared by our readers on the WFB Facebook and Instagram pages.

Bill Bagley

I tripped going UP the stairs carrying two jugs of polyurethane. I spilled both and tore my rotator cuff, as well. It's funny 20 years later. 👍

Robbie Allen

Shot myself with a finish nailer…in the knee. 🤪🫣


My finish pouring container was cracked at the bottom seal, and it leaked from my van on the driveway up the front door stairs into the living room down the hallway and into the back room before I noticed it slowly pouring out of the bottom. 🙄😂

Daniel Antes

Lost a buffer off an upstairs balcony.

Paul Alexander

While installing a face-nailed parquet floor I shot about 30 or so nail holes in a water line. I was on the second floor, and when I went downstairs about three hours later the entire ceiling in the kitchen had collapsed and there were 2 inches of water on the floor. Luckily for me it was the plumber who ran the water line against the subfloor with no pipe guard over it.


I told a person working for me to hammer some nails flush close to an island copper water line. He thought I meant the line, too, because it was flatter than a penny within seconds.


My first time buffing a floor... I not only buffed the floor, but I was also kind enough to buff the fireplace hearth and the inside of the wall, too. The bottom plate of that wall frame was definitely smooth after that!


Starting to stain the steps, I accidentally kicked the can of stain down the steps … 😩 and then didn't have enough stain to do the floor. Not sure I can get much worse.

Mikie White

I was about to stain a staircase and realized I missed a spot on the wall I needed to tape off where the handrail meets. I tore off a piece of tape and dropped the roll. It bounced off the nosing, hit my stain cup and splashed a Jacobean-ebony mix down the freshly painted wall of the staircase. The homeowner walked in 30 seconds later. Fun times. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤣


After I told my coworker to watch out for the glue, I turned around and stepped right into the glue. 🤣🤦‍♂️

Josh Swenson

We were coating a floor with oil. My partner was rolling, and I was cutting in the edges. I stepped back and didn't see it rolled out. I slipped on the oil, and the whole can of oil I was using spilled all over me.

Glenn Harris

Shook up a can of Jacobean stain right next to a brand new kitchen that was all white, and the stain can top was not secured. The stain went all over the cabinets and the countertop. Luckily I was quick with the paint thinner and nobody knew anything after I cleaned it up. 😳😳😳

Angel Olalde

On my third job ever, I was doing stain samples, and I put the lids back on cans and smacked them closed with my hand … and splattered stain all over their freshly painted wall. It didn't help that they happened to be the Karen and Kyle of that town, so it cost me $100. 🙃

Nathan Kelly

While final-coating stair treads, I knocked a gallon of 2K finish down the stairs onto a prefinished floor. 😆

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