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What’s the Best Thing a Customer Can Say To You?

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We asked our followers on Facebook and Instagram about the things they love to hear from customers. Here's what they told us:


I don’t even wanna put my furniture back on the floor.


I’m outta checks; how’s cash?

Danny Stenhouse

Would you like a coffee?

Shannon Miller

We just love all the work you have done. Our (friend or family member) just bought a house; can you do their floors?

Sheldon Walker

I’d like you to do the floors in my six other estate homes.


We will move the furniture.


“Budget isn’t a problem. I love your passion—I’ve seen pics of your work, I’ll let you steer me in what floor you give me!” (True story! This was a recent job for us. Happy days!)

Will Brown

Here’s your money, thanks for the great work. We will definitely be passing your info along to our friends.

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Obe Martell

We just want it natural.

Bernie Bates

No, I don’t need my project completed before Christmas.


Thank you, you really brought the life back into our home.


I can’t believe how clean, courteous and conscientious you and your team are. This was a wonderful experience. By the way, the floors rock!


You’re the best company I’ve ever hired!!!


We’d like to do the flooring before the painting.


Here’s the key. House is all yours, for now.


I had a sweet old lady today asked me if I wanted to have an ice cream break with her.

Gregory Dozorec

We’re going to stay somewhere else while you work on the floor until you’re finished, we don’t want to be in the way.


We’re so glad we had you refinish our floors; the flooring store told us it couldn’t be done!


I love my floors!


“Are you single?” Then they introduced me to my now-wife.

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