Readers Respond: What Do Wood Floor Pros Look at as Their 'Precious’?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to share what wood floor pros look at the way Gollum looks at his ring. Here’s what they said:


A big, wide, thick perfect scraper shaving.


The calluses on my knuckles. 👊🏽


Cash tips.


That box of twelve grit you had a hunch might need.




Coins found under old shoe molding.


Missing T-wrench that belongs on the edger.




When you can finally sharpen a scraper.


That 1943 steel penny found under the baseboard … or any coins for that matter.


Those little pieces of paper with the perforations on one side.


Completely cleared out rooms with TV wires gone or taped up.


Wood grain after we oil the floor.


That one special quartersawn board that snuck into a bundle of select that looks 3D with the finish on it.


Five-star review.


The glare of sunlight on new finish.


When you go espresso and don't see any edger scratches.


The stain rag left from the day before and it didn't catch on fire.


Envelope of cash given by the customer.


A vacant empty house with no other trades.


A 10,000-square-foot new install!


A working toilet at the job site.


The text from the customer when they say they’ve decided to go natural instead of stain. 😅


Fresh scraper blades COME ON!

Josh Hansman

Tom Ourada’s floor of the year every year.

Joshua Crossman

Quartersawn boards.

Jason Hinkle

The hair after I pick it out of the finish…

Steven Triplett Jr.

A new scraper blade at the bottom of the tool box.

Matt Denoma

2 Matt Denoma

Mikie White

Final payment on the day of final coat.

Mitchell Canter

My rig.

3 Mitchell Canter

Christopher Cook

The return I cut on the chop saw that went flying across the room.

Joe Bettencourt

When you forget to pick up a box of paper and you’re short one and find one in the van.

Andy Crail

An old newspaper that came out of the baseboard.

Eric Nylin

The complex cut I just made that has to be perfect…

Doug LeClair

The floor. I’ve always said. A floor guy looks into the floor. Where most people only look at it.

Corey Samson

My Fein tool. 😂

Ron Teljeur

Chatoyancy in exotics and certain domestics ... love that play on light!

Matt Dorsey

The Trio pins to hold the screens on!

Travis Morse

The 1/32 nail set.

Edward H. Michael

Customer walking up and admiring your trailer set up.

1 Edward H Michael

Anthony Dvorak

Being paid in full.

Wesley Elliott

My toekick sander!

Greg Bones Smullen

A flat subfloor...

Abdiel Ocampo

Nail sets.

Les Palmer

New equipment and tools.

Aaron Ediger

Festool anything...

Crystal Morgan

I love my new DeWalt oscillating saw that much. 😍

Chris Kulakowsky

Nothing. Too cool for that.

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