I Have a Wood Flooring Joke, But ... [Fill in the Blank]

I Have A Joke

Wood Floor Business asked followers on the WFB Facebook and Instagram pages for the punch line on this wood flooring joke.

Travis Morse

… it’s probably beneath you.

Matt Thrane

… you would be floored.

Dustan Hughes

… you wood knot get it.


... I don’t know if I can nail the punch line!

John Mezza

… I lost my grain of thought.


... it has a hard landing.

T.J. Haas

… 17 guys told me I was telling it wrong even though I was the one who told them four Facebook groups ago.

Clint Fudge

... it’s not finished.


… you can only see the punchline from 2 to 3 o’clock in the afternoon on a sunny day.

Michael Kobylarek

... it’s very plane.

Annette Douglas

… I can’t nail it down.


… it never gets a laugh, just groans and creaks.


… he’s not in again today because his alarm didn’t go off again.

Andrew Halabrin

… I have to lay out it for you.

Andrew Halabrin

… I have to lay out it for you.

Andrew Halabrin

… I have to lay out it for you.

Michael R Leonzal

… my helper left it in the van.


... the other guy nailed it.

Bob Alberding

... it’s under 20-year-old carpet.


… it doesn’t have the right finish.

John W. Saunders

... I’m knot gonna tell you.

Kristopher Jeter

… I’m not sure how to lay it out.

David Field

… it’s still acclimating.


… I don’t think I could “scrape” the surface with that one.

Anthony Magaro

… it slipped between the cracks!

Steven Triplett Jr.

… it’s knotty.


... I did knot know how to finish it.

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