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What's One Piece of Advice That's Always Stuck With You?

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We asked our followers on Facebook and Instagram for one piece of advice they've never forgotten. Here's what they told us:




Morris Johnson

Always finish your lunch before boss man, and be the first one outta the truck and last one in the truck!



Aaron Sheaves

I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.



Jeremy Krug

Craftsmanship requires patience.



Jarrod Crawford

Sometimes it’s faster to slow down.



Jon Weeks Jr.

When giving an estimate... “Don’t smile, until THEY smile ... then you got em.” Works every time.



Chuck Kutchera

“Treat your edger like it’s a Rolex watch.”—Ralph McSwain



Patrick J. Russell

As my buddy Jody Breeze (pictured) said to me years ago, “Some people won’t be happy when they get to heaven.”



Mitchell Canter

If this were your house, and you were spending these thousands of dollars, would you be happy with that?

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Neal Garcia

My dad always said, “Pride won’t allow you to do bad work.”



Gregory Brown

Buy cheap, buy twice.



Lou Buono Jr.

Respect the blade.



Kevin Clough

No one hears out about a good job, but everyone hears about a bad job.




If you wouldn’t accept it in your home, don’t expect others to accept it in theirs.



David Friedland

Something my dad once said to me was, “There are three kinds of people in this world: People who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who wonder what happened. Which one are you going to be?”



Christie’s Hardwood Flooring

The first time you meet a customer, you’re seeing if they would be a good fit for you to work with.



Brian Gwaltney

The Empty Hand Rule: If you walk anywhere, take something with you. Need some towels from the truck? Grab the edger you’re done with and load it up, etc. You will be amazed how much time this saves.




“The boss ain’t always right but he’s always the boss. “




50% of making people happy is just being clean.

Frank Barnes

You’re only as good as your last job.



Jarrod Wellmann

A little give a s*** goes a long ways.



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