Readers Respond: What Would You Like to Improve in Your Company in 2023?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram what they’d like to improve in their company in 2023. Here’s how they responded:

Josh Hansman

Volunteer my time to help with training and promoting trades in any format mainly trying to focus on local apprenticeships programs.

Troy Stanfield

Staff efficiency.

Ron Teljeur

Improved concrete prep, some of T.J. Haas' wood floor candy, start improving the templates and estimating spreadsheets we've used for years. Get the new shop fully operational...and maybe a day off here and there. And the NWFA show in Milwaukee.

Jack Toomey

Hiring help!

Nicholas C Maxson

More cash, less taxes.

Dave Mitchell Jr.

To start a second crew.

Tom Hanson

I always like to learn more. Besides that, only do jobs in my neighborhood.

Andrew Halabrin

The number of employees!! It has just been myself, and my wife as needed. Going on almost two years like this now, and I thought I had a new guy today who didn’t show up. 😢

Harley Perrine

Find someone who wants to work that has a brain.

Christopher Morrison

More money less work! 😃

Mauro Morales

A shop and few more crews.

Travis Morse

More equipment, better equipment.

Steven Triplett Jr.

Website and media.

Jorge Perez

Hire more guys.

Kevin Knauff

More North California trainings!

Ian Cheadle

NWFA certifications.


Do more textured finishes.

Bill Bagley

Get better at training my guys to do my job.

Daniel Springer

Go to training.

Get some better tools.

Learn some marketing and advertising tactics.

Invest in some branding.


Equip our distributor partners with more product knowledge, sales techniques and modern marketing tools.


Hire more experienced people.


Perhaps consolidate my business to ride through tough times ahead. Spend my time and money where it’s best spent, not keeping staff on just for the sake of it.


Get my son off his cell phone while he’s working!!!


Expand it and make it more known to people.

Clint Fudge

Longer lunches.

Obe Martell

Implement mandatory naps during the day.

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